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Preview: Content Delivery Summit 2020
Content Delivery Summit Chair Dom Robinson previews Content Delivery Summit 2020, the leading conference for CDN, edge delivery, and distributed computing, which Streaming Media is hosting as a free full-day webinar on June 1.

Two weeks to go until Content Delivery Summit 2020. My name is Dom Robinson. I will be the chair of this year's event and I've also had the great pleasure of programming it. Those of you that have been to any of the events that I've programmed in this area before will know that I tend to take a very holistic view of the entire supply chain of content delivery networks: not only what we can offer as content delivery networks to markets, but also how we build content delivery networks from various suppliers across the fiber, submarine, cable, telco, wireless, and silicon sectors. We will be having a deep investigation into those supply chain options throughout the first half of the Content Delivery Summit.

During the second part of the afternoon, we'll be looking at the more traditional elements, including video packaging, web objects, and end-to-end organization of your content delivery strategy, complexity theory, quality of service. And we'll be then taking a bit of a deep dive into some of the futures ofwhere the edge compute and CDN markets are potentially converging to create fog architectures.

So if you haven't registered already, get yourself down to www.contentdeliverysummit.com and grab your free registration. Tell your colleagues and your friends and partners, bring them all along. It's going to be an exciting day covering the full spectrum of Content Delivery Summit issues.

We look forward to you participating. It's entirely a Zoom event, so get yourself set up with Zoom if you haven't already, and we'll see you on the First.

Learn more about Content Delivery Summit 2020 and reserve your spot at http://www.contentdeliverysummit.com!