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OTT Can't Take a Backseat to Traditional Broadcast, Says Freeview
For Freeview's OTT channels to be a success, Arqiva knows they need to demonstrate the same quality as broadcast channels.
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Over-the-top video delivery might be the new kid in town, but operators have to view it as equally important as traditional broadcast if they're going to please their customers. That was one of the lessons offered by Osman Sen-Chadun, head of technology and operations for Arqiva, talking about the Freeview service at the recent Streaming Forum conference in London.

"In the world of OTT, even though we're delivering through the internet, we can't put that in a second place to our normal broadcast services," Sen-Chadun said. "From our perspective, if we're delivering an OTT service over the internet to a user who's going to connect to TV, is used to watching a digital terrestrial TV channel 24 hours a day and it's working, they would expect the same thing from their OTT services -- as would our broadcast customers who are trusting us to not only get their transmissions out over the air, but also out into the internet domain, as well."

For more on how Freeview streams over-the-top, watch the video below and download the presentation.

Case Study: Enabling Freeview to Deliver OTT Services

More and more broadcasters are looking to migrate their digital terrestrial television content workflow to support OTT delivery, creating new challenges in using technology in combination with production and programming schedules to make investment worthwhile. This case study takes a look at one successful deployment.

Presenters Dom Robinson, Co-Founder and Director, id3as
Adrian Roe, Co-Founder and Director, id3as
Osman Sen-Chadun, Head of Technology and Operations, Arqiva

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