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Accedo Explains the Challenges of TV Everywhere Integration
Consumers want a full video-on-demand experience yesterday. Traditional broadcasters, however, are moving cautiously in the online world.

Swedish company Accedo has done more TV Everywhere integrations than any other, says CEO Michael Lantz, so he was a natural to talk about the challenges of TV Everywhere integration at the recent Streaming Forum conference in London.

"The way we're looking at the market is fundamentally we're seeing a shift from a linear TV experience to an on-demand experience," Lantz said. "This is not anything new for anyone of you here, but what may or may not be known to you is that the TV industry, of course, is a huge industry -- it's a $300 billion industry, potentially up to $400 billion industry depending on how you count the ad revenues -- but it's a huge industry and more or less everything in this industry is related to the linear TV experience."

With that kind of money at stake, it's no wonder that broadcasters haven't been as bullish on IP delivery as their viewers.

"That's where all the money is made, either from linear subscriptions -- a channel package that you pay money for -- or from advertising on those linear channels," Lantz continued. "So, the real change here is when these $300, $400 billion dollars will be moved from the linear channels to something else. The consumers, I think, are there. They would like to have all the content available at the press of a button at any given point in time, but the business models are not really there."

For more on moving to TV Everywhere, watch the full video below.

Integrating TV Everywhere Services

TV consumption is changing. Pay TV operators and media companies compete for digital viewership, new revenue opportunities and improved brand and service loyalty. But delivering and maintaining a premium TV Everywhere offering is time-consuming, costly and complex in a world of ever-changing devices. This session explores how to integrate TV Everywhere services for fast and efficient roll out of multiplatform offerings.

Michael Lantz, CEO, Accedo — Sweden

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