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2008 Readers' Choice Awards: Call for Nominations
Last year, more than 3,000 people voted in the inaugural Readers' Choice Awards. This year's awards feature a new, expanded list of categories. Nominations are due by July 21, so get yours in today.
Thurs., July 10, by Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen

It’s time once again for the Streaming Media Readers’ Choice Awards. Last year’s awards were a smashing success, with 92 companies nominating more than 120 products, and more than 3,000 Streaming Media readers logging their votes.

The first step in the awards process is for end users or vendors to submit nominations here, no later than July 25. Our staff will evaluate all submissions to make sure they’re legitimate and proper fits for the categories in which they’re submitted, and the final list of nominees will be posted on July 23. Voting will begin on July 28 and remain open until August 25. Winners will be notified directly soon after voting closes.

We’ve not only increased the number of categories for 2008; we’ve changed them up a bit to better reflect changes in the online video landscape over the past year.This year’s categories:
• Content Protection/DRM Solution
• Encoding Hardware
• Encoding Software
• Global CDN
• Internet TV Platform
• Internet TV Set-Top Box
• IPTV Hardware
• Mobile Video Platform
• P2P Delivery Network
• Regional (North American) Delivery Network (non P2P)
• Search and Indexing Platform
• Server Hardware/Software
• Streaming Radio Solution
• User-Generated Content Platform
• Video Advertising Network
• Video Advertising Platform
• Webcasting Platform
• Webconferencing Platform

Just like last year, we’ll be honoring the winners at a gala reception at Streaming Media West (September 23-25 in San Jose, CA), and featuring them in a special section of the October/November issue of Streaming Media magazine as well as a video feature to be posted on StreamingMedia.com.

Readers who vote will be eligible to win an 8GB iPod Touch—we'll be giving away four. So get your nominations in now, and watch for the final list of nominees on July 23.

Questions? Email us at readerschoice@streamingmedia.com