Delivering Live Streams at Scale
Scale is the name of the game in livestreaming, as content providers and the brands that invest in their content seek ever-larger audiences and big-tent events from sports to concerts and beyond continue to turn toward streaming to engage receptive crowds. But scaling is easier said than done. The pressure to deliver resilient, reliable, high-quality, and low-latency streams and the technical challenges of doing so grow exponentially as publishers reach for bigger audiences, and depend on robust infrastructure, multiple CDNs, deep analytics, and more to achieve and sustain five-nines uptimes and meet the demands of viewers who expect great streams every time. In this webinar we'll discuss what it takes to get large-scale streaming right.

Ant Media offers scalable WebRTC-based real-time video streaming solutions that can handle a large number of concurrent streams and viewers, ensuring smooth playback and seamless user experiences even under heavy traffic loads.

Join our webinar & discover:
– Ant Media's Live Streaming at Scale solution on-prem and in the cloud with improved high availability and aggressive scaling.
– Building up Kubernetes (via Helm) and infrastructure-based scaling solution in less than 5 minutes

Ahmet Oguz Mermerkaya
Cofounder / CEO
Ant Media

CDN77 offers a global video delivery of all major HTTP video formats. With 120 Tbps network capacity and PoPs across 6 continents, CDN77 secures the highest speed & smooth delivery of live and on-demand videos, no matter where your viewers are.

Join our webinar & discover:
– CDN77's new low-latency live streaming solution
– CDN77's approach to lowering glass-to-glass latency using purely network-based methods

Juraj Kacaba
Head of Client Implementations

DRM alone is not enough. Streamkeeper anti-piracy safeguards the entire OTT content distribution ecosystem by disrupting pirate revenue streams. The zero-code, auto-injection of our anti-piracy security agent, instantly adds digital countermeasures with no integration required. With Streamkeeper, security practitioners can protect profits and prevent losses.

Join our webinar & discover:
– How low-latency DRM license delivery will cover the basics
– Why you don't use DRM alone to protect high value live streams and monitor your piracy risk

Sebastian Braun
Head of Streamkeeper & Product Management

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