Media Distillery

Media Distillery
  • Burgerweeshuispad 101
  • Amsterdam North Holland 1076 ER
  • The Netherlands
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Headquartered in Amsterdam, Media Distillery is the leader in AI-driven video analysis technology for the global Entertainment industry. The cloud-based Deep Content Understanding™ solution provides fully automated real-time content analysis, facilitating and accelerating the search for relevant content and empowering broadcasters, TV Operators and OTT services to increase user engagement and viewing time, reduce churn and costs and generate new revenue.

Since 2014, Media Distillery works with customers around the globe including Telenet, NOS and Yousee successfully enriching their viewing experiences.


Product Description


Media Distillery provides a fully automated cloud-based content analysis to optimize viewer engagement and accelerate the discovery of relevant content. The Deep Content Understanding™ technology extracts next-generation metadata in real-time and at an unparalleled scale, empowering broadcasters, TV operators and OTT services to optimize their replay environments.

Using this ocean of generated metadata, Media Distillery aims at disrupting the Entertainment industry, by increasing user engagement and viewing time, reducing churn and associated costs and generating new revenue streams.

This next-generation solution enables industry players to build their own competitive advantage in the online video market. Media Distillery offers diverse innovative products to provide an optimized Video-on-Demand (VoD) experience, offering true personalization and meeting viewers’ needs in ways not possible before. To learn more, please visit: