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Zapnito Launches Real-Time Video Publishing Suite

SaaS platform offers exclusive video recording and republishing

LONDON(30 Oct 2014)

Zapnito, the software-as-a-service platform that enables clients to build branded online knowledge networks, announced today a full suite of video services. The Zapnito platform now enables networks to host and record video options that range from one-on-one discussions to more inclusive meetings and webinars.

Zapnito clients can use their branded networks as a one-stop shop for online engagement. As well as allowing experts on each network to publish articles, research briefs, and other rich media, networks can now unite their experts with audiences in real time via video uploads and panel discussions. Clients can invite their existing audiences to join their Zapnito-powered networks and use video calls, masterclasses, team meetings, and more to facilitate discussions.

"For example, if a UK client to a consultancy or media company is struggling to understand local regulatory implications before launching a new product in an unfamiliar market, our clients can pull their experts and engage their corporate clients in a video panel discussion," explains Charles Thiede, co-founder and CEO of Zapnito.

"How is this different from a conference call, GoToMeeting, or other virtual meetings? Our video discussions can be recorded and republished within privately branded online communities. Or, if clients choose to make these discussions public, they have that option as well. This is more than even Skype and Google Hangouts can offer today."

Sarah Abell, a columnist for Psychologies Magazine and former BBC correspondent, is a regular contributor to Life Labs, Psychologies' network powered by Zapnito. Abell uses Zapnito's video recording options to host Life Labs' first masterclass series on her area of expertise - interacting with authenticity.

"These video options are not meant to replace face-to-face meetings or events," clarifies Thiede. "They are meant to unite experts both with each other and their audiences in a powerful new way. What Zapnito offers these knowledge networks is the ability to engage globally dispersed experts within the context of a trusted online community. As future conversations move towards niche, branded knowledge networks using video, we look forward to leading that change. After all, our tagline is, 'Continue the conversation'."

About Zapnito: 

Zapnito is an SaaS publishing platform that allows clients to build and monetize their own branded online knowledge networks. Zapnito enables clients to unite their in-house experts with their audiences using one online platform. Here, they can communicate via written and recorded media to spark debate and solve business problems in real time.

Zapnito believes that the Web's next challenge is to evolve from social networks to knowledge networks, and is the first SaaS platform to offer contextual knowledge from trusted brands and experts. Request a demo at