NAB 2018: Axinom introduces next version of its global OTT video platform

Axinom will introduce the next version of its OTT platform at NAB Show in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas(09 Apr 2018)

Axinom’s approach of delivering a comprehensive OTT video platform that consists of individually usable components pays off as more major customers switch over. New versions introduced at NAB.

 “Axinom have tackled some of the most challenging scalability problems in the OTT space head-on by delivering the reliable, cloud-based video platform that our customers have come to expect today.” said Johannes Jauch, CTO of Axinom.

In the last 12 months we were able to increase our sales and today power some of the largest OTT offerings worldwide. This is due to our clear focus and continued investment into a flexible platform“.

Axinom CMS is Axinom’s content management solution. In the latest version Axinom focused on improving the management of massive content catalogs in order to make this easy and efficient. The result is a system that supports managing hundreds of live channels and hundreds of thousands of audio / video assets while supporting millions of active consumers. Additionally, the new version comes with improved functionality for global OTT services, supporting the management of arbitrary regions, currencies, and languages. 

Axinom VIP (Video Ingest and Processing) is Axinom’s cloud based transcoding and packaging service. It now supports additional packaging formats, codecs, and protocols. The new CMAF standard is supported as well as MPEG-DASH and HLS. Seamless integration with Axinom DRM guarantees state of the art content protection.

The next version of Axinom DRM features additional integrations, including support for the SPEKE protocol that allows integration with AWS Elemental from Amazon and other packaging solutions as well as extended support for the CPIX standard that is used to exchange key material in a secure and standardized way. Axinom DRM continues to support Google Widevine, Apple FairPlay, and Microsoft PlayReady DRM technologies. The new version supports the latest enhancements provided by the underlying technologies, like protecting different quality streams with different DRM keys in order to better protect HD and UHD content.

Axinom FES (Frontend Services) provide all data and services that native and html frontends need. All of these services are built in a highly scalable fashion, allowing the Axinom platform to power OTT offerings serving millions of consumers. Axinom FES integrate all services required for consumer facing functionality, like user login, content catalogs, search, recommendation, payment, subscriptions, managing watchlists, favorites, etc. Client-side Axinom FES now supports DRM protected playback, both, in the browser and in apps on all platforms.

At Axinom’s booth #SU10207CM in the South Upper Hall at NAB Show 2018 in Las Vegas (April 9-12), attendees will have the opportunity to learn how they can succeed in setting up powerful platforms built on Axinom.