Front Porch Digital Featured Products at BES EXPO 2013

ANNECY, France(15 Jan 2013)

Front Porch Digital is the global leader in solutions for migrating, managing, and monetizing media content. Operating on site and in the cloud, the company's purpose-built software employs the latest technologies to deliver truly flexible and scalable media workflows. Solutions delivered by Front Porch Digital appropriately manage large and complex media files and workflows while ensuring optimal performance and utmost security. More information is available at

Front Porch Digital Featured Products at BES EXPO 2013

LYNXSM -- New for BES EXPO 2013: LYNXdr and LYNXlocal
LYNXSM from Front Porch Digital is the industry's first enterprise-scale cloud implementation of content storage management (CSM). LYNX delivers adaptable on-demand scalability, reduces capital and operational costs, and revolutionizes the way media organizations manage assets. LYNX leverages the latest cloud and Web technologies to provide a range of networked and distributed solutions.

At BES EXPO 2013, the company will introduce LYNXdr and LYNXlocal for the first time in India. LYNXdr is a hosted disaster recovery (DR) service that allows global media enterprises to centralize critical assets and consolidate operations, and LYNXlocal is a simple extension to LYNX that operates locally as an appliance, caching cloud content and providing integration to specialist systems if needed. LYNXlocal is billed as a service element at a low monthly rate.

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DIVAdirector(R) V5.0 -- Inexpensive and Easy-to-Deploy Media Asset Management System
Front Porch Digital DIVAdirector(R) is an easy-to-use and cost-effective media asset management (MAM) system that enables operators to search, locate, and retrieve stored media assets directly from their desktops using their Web browsers. At BES EXPO 2013, Front Porch Digital will introduce DIVAdirector V5.0, with a host of new features enabling easier and more versatile media asset management. V5.0 boasts HTTP-based adaptive streaming support, whereby client Internet browsers can switch between different video and audio bit rates seamlessly and dynamically -- depending on available network conditions and CPU power. The resulting user experience is one of reliable, consistent playback without stutter, buffering, or "last-mile" congestion. In addition, DIVAdirector V5.0 offers portability across operating systems (Windows(R) 7, Mac OS(R)), browsers (Internet Explorer(R), Safari(R), Chrome(TM), Firefox(R)), and proxy formats (WMV & H.264), and supports a greater number of concurrent users.

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DIVArchive(R) V7.0 -- Now for a Broader Array of Applications
At BES EXPO 2013, Front Porch Digital will showcase its DIVArchive(R) V7.0 content storage management (CSM) system. New features and capabilities make DIVArchive ideal for a wide range of applications. With its support for complex DPX packages, DIVArchive V7.0 enables video-like operations on film-carried content, making it desirable for film production and post-production applications.

DIVArchive V7.0 is the first system of its kind to implement the new open Archive eXchange Format (AXF) technology developed by Front Porch Digital to protect, preserve, and facilitate the exchange of content among storage systems, today and for the future. This new open AXF implementation represents a step toward replacing outmoded legacy formats such as TAR with a truly open and storage-agnostic approach, ensuring long-term accessibility to the world's most valuable content.

The enhancements to DIVArchive extend its applicability to media operations of every kind -- broadcasters, educational and heritage institutions, the film industry, and government entities. With its unique ability to interconnect every element of operations from archive to production to transmission, DIVArchive V7.0 becomes the highly effective foundation on which to base cost-effective, seamless file-based workflows.

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SAMMAsolo HD Video Migration Solution
Based on the patented, Emmy(R) Award-winning SAMMA(R) technology, the SAMMAsolo HD migration solution is the first of its kind to perform real-time, quality-controlled migration of content from HD videotape into a secure managed digital environment that supports preservation while facilitating access. With a fully internationalized user interface, SAMMAsolo can be customized for local languages, including Mandarin Chinese.

The SAMMAsolo HD migration solution meets a pressing need by enabling broadcasters, heritage institutions, and other enterprises to preserve and make use of their legacy assets. SAMMAsolo migration solutions combine hardware and software to move archive-quality content from videotape to multiple file formats in a single pass. Because SAMMAsolo automates repetitive steps and uses advanced signal analysis to evaluate the quality of the videotape and to monitor and document the migration itself, the work can be accomplished with minimal staff training and time. The process preserves source time-code and also associates indexing and technical metadata.

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Company Quote:
"Our introduction of two new LYNX products at BES EXPO 2013 marks a very significant development for Front Porch Digital," said Rino Petricola, senior vice president and general manager of Front Porch Digital. "Not only are we delivering our cloud services platform more effectively, but we also are simultaneously simplifying content storage management for multisite video workflow in both private and public clouds."