Edgeware and MediaMelon Partner to Enable High-Performance, Low-Cost CDN Solutions for ISPs and Datacenters

Edgeware Web TV servers and MediaMelon's MediaCloud provide foundations for next generation, multisource video CDNs

San Francisco, CA(11 May 2010)

SAN FRANCISCO - MAY 11, 2010 - MediaMelon, Inc., provider of a cloud-based service for managing media delivery across multiple servers and networks, and Edgeware AB, the technology leader in distributed video delivery, announced today the integration of Edgeware's Web TV servers with the MediaCloud SaaS solution enabling telcos and datacenters to offer next generation multi-source content delivery solutions and analytics for their customers. 


The joint solution allows service providers, such as Telcos, Cablecos and Datacenters to offer a step-change in the Quality of Experience provided by their own video delivery network, making true-HD over the Internet a reality. In addition, service providers will, for the first time have the ability to federate with other video content delivery networks to instantly broaden their reach.


Edgeware provides high-performance video delivery appliances that help carriers deploy content closer to the edge. MediaMelon offers a hosted service to manage delivery across various servers and networks. With this partnership, MediaMelon's patented multi-source delivery and ‘user experience' routing manages content from the most appropriate Edgeware server based on actual performance from each user.


"As demand for video over IP continues its massive growth, telcos need solutions that provide delivery from their own, highly distributed nodes as well as the ability to integrate with other networks to provide the international reach demanded by their customers," said Joachim Roos, CEO for Edgeware. "The combination of the MediaCloud solution with our WTV servers provides industry leading performance and scalability with the lowest capex and opex available."


Edgeware's tiny 1RU form factor servers, with 6 TBytes of built-in storage has the highest performance and integrated functionality for its size making it ideal for strategic placement within the network. MediaCloud is a SaaS solution coordinating delivery across various delivery nodes within a network, and across networks, to enable operators and content providers increase the delivery performance and reduce delivery costs. The MediaCloud Overlay technology treats each Edgeware server as a possible delivery node, regardless of what network it sits on. Business rules allow content to be delivered based on cost, quality of service, or load, across the various Edgeware servers, and optionally, from other third-party networks. Additionally, the solution helps carriers deploy various higher-layer services to drive revenue -- including multi-device streaming, differentiated QoS based delivery, and user-engagement analytics.


"We are thrilled to partner with Edgeware to enable the next generation of media delivery solutions to content and network service providers," said Kumar Subramanian, CEO of MediaMelon. "Telcos and Datacenters can source content closer to the edge and will greatly expand the overall capacity of IP based video delivery. This joint solution represents a critical evolution for next generation content delivery."


The explosive consumption of high-quality media over PCs, high-definition TV and mobile devices is generating huge increases in the volume of online traffic. Video is expected to account for more than half of all Internet traffic by 2012. Users are shifting significant amounts of viewing time from broadcast/TV-screen to online and on-demand. They also expect TV-like experience which is driving the higher quality media which means more traffic on the Internet. The Edgeware - MediaMelon partnership directly addresses the challenges and opportunities created by this shift. The solution is available in the current release of the MediaCloud  and Edgeware solutions.


About Edgeware

Edgeware is the technology leader in distributed delivery systems needed for a new era of "anytime, anywhere" TV and video. Edgeware's next-generation purpose-built appliances and integrated systems enable operators and carriers to cost-effectively grow their TV and video services and scale them across their network to an increasing number of users on any device. Founded in 2004, Edgeware is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, with a U.S. office in San Jose, California. For more information, please visit www.edgeware.tv.


About MediaMelon, Inc.

MediaMelon is on a mission to scale Internet media delivery in the zettabyte age. The revolutionary MediaCloud service utilizes patented multi-source delivery and user experience routing to greatly increase the capacity of media delivery infrastructure for Telcos, Datacenters, and CDNs while simultaneously guaranteeing the best experience for the viewer. This ‘overlay' service can coordinate delivery across a heterogenous set of networks and nodes in order to determine the best delivery source based on business rules like available capacity, required performance, and cost.  By enabling telcos and datacenters to utilize their infrastructures for next generation media delivery clouds, MediaMelon technology is unleashing the capacity and efficiency required to handle the constantly growing demand for video and media over the Internet.


MediaMelon is headquartered in San Francisco, with a European office in London, and R&D in India.  For more information, visit www.mediamelon.com.



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