Atmosphaeres Launches World-First Affordable VR/360 Video Stock Licensing Platform With Direct Downloads For VR Health Companies

DARWIN, Australia(14 Mar 2017)

Atmosphaeres, a premium producer of VR/360 videos, has launched a new licensing platform to enable Virtual Reality (VR) health companies to access its huge catalogue of original high-quality 360 degree VR videos featuring some of the planet's most amazing scenery.

CEO of Atmosphaeres, Dr. Eric Fassbender, said the new 360 video stock footage platform introduces a licensing model that offers easy to understand terms, affordable, tiered pricing and instantaneous downloads.

"Our aim is to make it easier for VR health businesses and others to develop their own immersive VR experiences. In the past, licensing of high-quality VR/360 videos was too expensive for small businesses and too complex for large corporations that were forced to negotiate terms over difficult to find VR videos," Dr. Fassbender said.

Atmosphaeres offers three licensing tiers — Standard, Enhanced and Premium —based on company size. Those with five or fewer employees with few productions are eligible for Standard licensing, while Premium Licensing is designed for customers with more than 10 employees.

Premium-level customers also enjoy unlimited productions and unlimited combined views and sales across all platforms. Exclusive licensing is also available for selected videos.

All Atmosphaeres videos are available at 4K resolution at 30 fps and will soon be available in industry-leading 8K resolution.

Filmed in stunning yet hard-to-reach locations, Atmosphaeres videos include wilderness areas of Australia, Portugal, Germany and Ireland covering natural scenery from gorgeous beaches to high mountains.

Dr. Fassbender said the idea to create the licensing platform came about when he was unable to license 360 videos for his own VR nature relaxation experiences that he develops for sufferers of stress, anxiety and acute pain.

As an experienced nature videographer and sound recordist, he takes tremendous pride in filming and producing VR/360 content that meets the highest quality standards.

The company's videos feature professional color grading and sound design and have no visible stitch lines. Offending objects (e.g. recording equipment) are completely removed and clips are generally two minutes in length. Atmosphaeres 360 video clips are suitable for a wide range of VR health applications like VR therapy for anxiety, stress or chronic pain management, relaxation and meditation; however, they can of course also be used for other purposes such as market research and marketing campaigns as well as trade fairs in many other areas.

The Atmosphaeres VR/360 stock video platform has gone live with over 150 of their beautiful 360 degree nature and travel videos and can be accessed at

About Atmosphaeres

Atmosphaeres provide nature, landscape and travel VR/360 videos for VR health, relaxation/wellness, scientific research, marketing, entertainment and stock licensing purposes. It also offers high-level training, production, stitching and consultancy services in VR/360 Video.