The Edge Cloud and Media & Entertainment in Emerging Markets

Trends, Challenges & Best Practices for Reaching Your Next Billion Viewers

For media & entertainment companies, fast-growing emerging markets are the next engine of growth but can be incredibly challenging to tap into. Unique regulatory challenges impact user experience in a variety of ways: slow video playback, poor service availability and high buffer rate. Relatively few existing points of presence in emerging markets make it hard to deliver low latency.

This e-book is created by industry experts at Zenlayer, the No 1. Edge Cloud Service Provider in emerging market. It is designed to help you understand the trends of media & entertainment markets in high-growth regions such as China, India, Southeast Asia, etc., the business and technical challenges associated with delivering great digital experiences to users in those areas, and how companies are leveraging the power of edge cloud to overcome them.

Check out this great asset to learn how to take your viewer experience to the next level by building cloud network connectivity, deploying workloads on the edge, and accelerating applications from the first to the last mile.