Videoplaza's Karbon Offers Ad Management for a Multidevice World

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London-based ad management company Videoplaza today debuted Karbon, an ad platform designed to help content owners run video ad campaigns across multiple devices.

Karbon offers a single workflow for streaming to a range of screens. Making that possible is the platform's device library, which includes a catalog of over 7,000 device profiles.

The Karbon workflow transcodes each piece of video for each device. Advertisers can stream ads to one audience across devices, or get granular and target audiences per device.

The new platform, Videoplaza says, helps publishers keep their workflows simple while serving a range of end users. The platform is designed to be future-proof, as Videoplaza will add more device profiles as products are released.

"The demand for video content beyond the PC is real, but so is the struggle publishers are currently facing to ensure effective monetisation. Media owners need a clear strategy and technology to support them as they implement a device agnostic approach" says Sorosh Tavakoli, CEO of Videoplaza. "We anticipate 50 percent of our traffic will be generated by non-PC devices in 2013, driven by publisher and consumer demand."

Videoplaza received $12 million U.S. in venture funding last month, which it will use for global expansion and product development.

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