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Analytics were a key strength. You can track plays, completed plays, and loads by any date range, either in total or for any single video, and an engagement graph shows how long the average viewers are watching your video. You also get the number of plays by country, and useful detail about the browsers used to watch your videos and devices. You can download this information as image or PDF files, or request a CSV file from the company.

Nideo’s most unique feature is the ability to identify the companies who have visited your site by looking up their TCP IP address. Tracks are a component of the monthly package; for example, with the Pro package (38 pounds/$80 monthly) you get 2000 tracks, with each additional track costing (.75p/1.2 cents).

I couldn’t gauge the benefit of this feature because all of tracking data I saw, even in the Nideo videos that the company gave me access to, listed ISPs, not to companies themselves (Figure 8 was provided by Nideo). Nideo claims a direct company match rate of between 20-60% with targeted emails, and that ISPs were listed only when a direct company match could not be made. I couldn’t verify this, so while potentially very useful, be sure to test this feature during the trial phase to make sure it delivered the promised benefits.

Figure 8. Nideo claims they can deliver data like this for between 20-60% of viewers.

If you’re active on social media, you’ll appreciate the ability to track views by social media site (Figure 9), which is rare among ISPs, along with the fairly standard ability to track views by embedded source (Figure 9).

Figure 9. A very useful report for those utilizing social media embeds.

Again, Nideo has made an impressive debut, and has come a long way in a short time. While not quite as feature rich as Wistia on the outbound marketing and player customization side, Nideo offers some alluring analytics features, attractive pricing, and a very easy-to-use interface.

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