Streaming Forum Preview: Video and the Future of Education

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Conventional wisdom suggests that academia lags behind the corporate or entertainment markets when it comes to adopting and advancing new technologies. When it comes to online video, though, you can toss conventional wisdom out the window, as attendees of Streaming Forum will learn in three sessions dedicated exclusively to the world of education.

The first, "Video and the Future of Education," sets the stage with a panel discussion looking at the research behind what video can bring to the classroom and distance learning, with Mike Saville Howarth of Mike Howarth Associates discussing useful video metaphors that enhance learning, lecture/tutorial methodology, and the difference between "academic time" and "media time." He'll also discuss the essential kit that any video education initiative needs to be successful. Bob van den Brand, adjunct associate professor and accounting innovator in education and I-STAR learning at Tilburg University in the Netherlands will discuss how online video can be successfully applied in the i-STAR environment and in massive open online courses, including such innovations as live streaming of final exam results with explanations from the instructor. He'll share results including increased pass rates and student satisfaction.

Philip Tubman, learning technologist from Lancaster University, will discuss the use of YouTube and other user-generated content in higher education, the different expectations students and instructors have of lecture capture, and MOOCs and the Video within Open Education movement, including SEO and metadata utilising crowdsourcing. Jeffrey Newman, education account executive from Kaltura, will address the importance of user interfaces for end users as well as methods for analysing student video usage and engagemetn, as well as assess the ROI on three levels: faculty and IT staff, students and employees, and brand equity for the institution. The panel will be moderated by Streaming Company CEO Ben Kittow, who has specialised in video education for many years. (For more on Kittow, you can read a brief interview with him in this "Meet our Streaming Forum Speaker" article.)

Mike Howarth will also present a seminar called "Successful Models for Webcasts and Webinars for Education and Training," in which he'll share his research into helping facilitate the "media-savvy academic"—in particular the way the automatic video recording of lectures demands different teaching approaches than lectures without a video component. As suggested by the seminar's title, he'll also discuss the ways in which the lessons learned in academia can be applied to education and training videos in marketing and other non-academic environments.

Panopto co-founder and CTO Eric Burns will expand on this last topic in the session "What Higher Education can Teach the Enterprise." Via a discussion of best practices from universities including Newcastle, Southampton, Carnegie Mellon, and others, Burns will offer guidance to help all kinds of organisations meet the challenges of ever-present recording and webcasting, not to mention simplifying video deployment and discovery.

So whether you're charged with video in an academic environment or a corporate setting, Streaming Forum's education sessions will arm you with practical, real-world examples and advice that you can apply to your work as soon as you return to your desk. There's still plenty of time to register for Streaming Forum, which will be held in London at the Park Plaza Victoria on 18-19 June.

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