How to Choose and Deploy a Video Management System

In the market for a video management system? The fist thing to do is figure out what kind of system the job requires.

As Theresa Regli, principle analyst and managing partner for Real Story Group, told attendees at the recent Streaming Forum conference in London, there are plenty of options.

"I assume some of you are familiar with the concept of use-case scenarios. If you've ever done user-centric design, it's basically a way of specifically saying, 'Okay, what is the specific domain or specific situation in which we're going to apply this sort of technology?' So, if we look at video management we've actually parsed it out into about 15 types of video management that we see today in different sorts of companies and also different sorts of technologies that map to these use cases," Regli explained.

Many buyers will need a system for media and entertainment streaming.

"The first three have to do very specifically with broadcasting. First, we've got radio broadcasting. There's specific technology that's focused on that domain. Sports broadcasting: Very, very deep market in this regard where there's vendors that are specifically there to help you manage video around sport," Regli said. "Then television news, so it's similar to sports broadcasting but a little more broad, and the metadata models that get applied are very different there."

For the other types and more buying advice, watch the video below and download Regli's presentation.

Deploying a Video Management System

This presentation will help attendees identify their unique requirements for an effective video management solution. We'll also look at what particular techniques are necessary to deliver high-impact, brand-enforcing messages with video and imagery in a multi-channel way. We'll look at the options facing buyers looking for new technology for video review, approval, and delivery on mobile devices. Get advice on how to get to a vendor short list, submitting brief and useful RFPs, what questions need to be asked, and other tips to ensure you choose the right solution.

Theresa Regli, Principal Analyst and Managing Partner, Real Story Group

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