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Encoding lies at the heart of the online video business. Each year brings new formats, new codecs, and new ways to squeeze greater efficiency and higher quality out of your encoding workflow. So how do you stay on top of the latest developments? Check out the Advanced Encoding & Formats Superguide, which includes deep dives into everything from encoding hardware and software to optimizing quality, as well as a deep dive into HEVC.

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Live event streaming is on fire, but with so many moving parts, you need in-depth guidance on planning, workflow, and execution. This Superguide is designed as the ultimate 2016 reference for how to professionally stream a live event, featuring some of the best companies that make it happen. 

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What’s the biggest key to making an informed buying decision? References, especially on big purchases.

Online video has always been blessed and cursed with the notion of “promise.” As passionate as some companies are, let’s face it—much of this industry is still the Wild West. Say what you want, but our industry is still in startup mode, and as the target solution continues to run down that never-ending hallway just in front of you, a customer has to risk being the first, and hopefully reap the rewards. This is what makes it difficult to find case studies in the online video space. While some vendors will tell you the reason is that their customers don’t want to give away their “secret sauce,” the reality is that companies don’t want to put themselves out there for scrutiny, especially if they are publicly traded, albeit in a recovering economy. There are big dollars being spent on trial and error in our space, but many companies have yet to see much in the way of returns. This is finally changing now.

That’s why we decided last year to launch an annual Case Study Superguide in the Sourcebook - this is #2. This is where you’ll find companies that have self-selected their participation in this sponsored supplement. The companies participating are very eager to tell you about their successes and have put a lot of resources into making these case studies openly available to you ... their potential future case study. They want to earn your business by proving to you that they have what it takes to help make you successful in an exploding market that is a moving target. If you’d like to contact one of these companies, you’ll find all their information on the last page of this publication, or you can always contact us directly for a personal introduction.

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What mission-critical gear and processes do you absolutely need to keep onsite, and what can you offload to the cloud to maximize control, workfow, and efficiencies? This Superguide explores all aspects of dealing with on-prem, cloud, and hybrid workflows: cost structures, future-proofng, trends, and the must-have latest products and services to get the job done in 2016 better than ever before. 

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As new standards and formats like MPEG-DASH and HEVC begin to take hold, video publishers face challenges on two fronts: adapting to these new technologies, while at the same time getting the most out of the technologies they’ve been using for years and that still account for the majority of video published and consumed online. The Streaming Media Superguide to Transcoding, Serving, & Delivery will help you make sure you’re caught up with the latest and greatest approaches to both new and old methods, ensuring your viewers get the best video and experience possible, no matter what technologies are being deployed behind the scenes. 

Download it today, for free.

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One of the surest ways to improve an organization’s bottom line is to utilize online video for both internal and external communications. And unlike days past, when video communications were reserved for large-scale events, solutions are now available that make video the cost-effective choice for everything from executive announcements and external marketing to departmental presentations and small group training sessions. 


Valuable contributions from leaders in the enterprise video space can only be found here, in the 2015 Streaming Media Enterprise Video Superguide.  Download it today, for free.

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A year has passed since the last MPEG- DASH Superguide was published. This year saw a significant growth of DASH deployments as well as its more mature implementations, including the powerful features of the MPEG-DASH 2nd edition standard, which have no counterparts in other adaptive streaming specifications.  

For anyone in the video industry, this is a must read installment.

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What’s really at the heart of an informed buying decision? References, especially on big purchases. When shopping for a major purchase be as informed as possible, and not just from the supplier interview process. 

We decided that in this year’s Sourcebook (2015) we’d launch a new annual Superguide: the Case Study Superguide. This is where you’ll find companies that have self-selected their participation in this sponsored supplement. The companies participating are very eager to tell you about their successes and have put a lot of resources into making these case studies openly available to you ... their potential future case study. They want to earn your business by proving to you that they have what it takes to help make you successful in an exploding market that is a moving target. If you’d like to contact one of these companies, you’ll find all their information on the last page of this publication, or you can always contact us directly for a personal introduction


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A Down-to-Earth Look at Cloud Video

If 2014 was the year that cloud computing for video reached the tipping point, then 2015 will be the year that it becomes the rule rather than the exception. For everything from acquisition to delivery—almost everything from the camera onward—the cloud offers myriad advantages over on-prem solutions, and this year you’ll be hard-pressed to find a video publisher of any size who isn’t using it for at least some of their workflow in the cloud.

Some media companies will use the cloud for just a few processes, while others might employ cloud solutions for virtually everything, including acquisition, storage, encoding/transcoding, packaging, and delivery. But whether you’re looking to the cloud to help with one part of your workflow for seeking a soup-to-nuts solution, the articles in this Cloud Video Superguide can help you assess your needs and determine what will work best for your unique situation.

Let’s face it—there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. But each of the companies represented in the Superguide have shared their considerable experience and expertise to help you find the answers you’re looking for, perhaps to questions you didn’t even know you had.

And that’s what the Streaming Media Superguides are all about: Helping you find the answers to your most crucial questions and solve your most vexing problems. Each Superguide in 2015 has a different focus; taken together, they’ll provide both a high-level overview and a deep dive into the biggest issues facing streaming video publishers of all stripes.

Here’s what you can look forward to in the Superguides for the rest of 2015:

• March: Real-World Case Studies From Across the Industry

• April: Advanced Encoding and Formats

• May: Live Streaming

• July/August: MSO Platforms

• September: Multiscreen Video

• October: Enterprise Video

• November/December: Transcoding, Serving, and Delivery

What do you think about cloud video? We want to hear from you. Please give us your feedback on this Superguide by sending a note to our team at

–Joel Unickow • Publisher

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From the Publisher's Desk:

In October, when we covered HBO’s announcement that it would be launching an online-only streaming service, I got into an interesting debate with one of our writers. He argued that this signaled the tipping point of how video content was being consumed and said that traditional broadcast was all but swinging from a rope. I believe there’s something else at play...

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 Reducing Latency in the Enterprise

It would be hard to argue that enterprise video wasn’t the saving grace of the online video industry when the dot-com bubble crashed. With all the speculation that online video promised for an internet TV revolution back as early as the 1990s, it didn’t take long for corporations to realize they could increase their own bottom line with online video easily, by reducing travel for training staff and customers. 14 years later, we can pretty much say the same thing. While OTT video is still the “Wild West” with sporadic monetary successes, online video has permanently transformed the way business operates and will continue to do so.

Collaboration, communication, and documentation have been the mainstay of use by large organizations, but uses continue to evolve— and quickly. Pervasive use of video throughout an organization is certainly the current affair, and finding the ROI for investing in a strategy that allows everyone to capture, organize, and share the content is being hammered out on boardroom tables across the world. IT departments are thrilled—it’s providing job security. With the moving target of mobile playing such a dominant force in content consumption and even acquisition, getting everything to “play nice” in a technology sandbox, while minding the bottom line, is as challenging as pushing an elephant through a keyhole.

It’s going to get worse before it gets better, too: Storage issues, indexing, searchability, closed captioning, translation, security, and of course the looming “corporate censorship process” are all major ongoing issues.

The good news is that for the most part, the enterprise still sees the greatest value in on-demand video, save those live webcasts and real time meetings, of course. But “latency,” to use the term loosely, is still a big issue. Just how fast can your video workflow be from capture to consumption? That is the challenge, technologically, and administratively. So, how are you going to fine-tune your enterprise video strategy to be on the cutting-edge as the world around you accelerates?

While all these questions are most likely already on your mind—and I’ve probably done more harm to easing your mind than good—the purpose of this Superguide is to give you direct access to significant companies that build enterprise solutions and have proven track records with real customers. There’s enough data out there to show that the enterprise video spend is going to double within 5 years from where it is today, but just read Tim Siglin’s recent “The State of Enterprise Video 2014” at if you have any doubts. The real question is how are you going to keep up with the Joneses? This is where I’ll leave it to the pros...

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Welcome to the first installment of our Superguide series, one that starts right at the center of online video technology—encoding and transcoding.

So what’s all the fuss about with encoding?

In our glossary (, we define encoding simply as, “Converting content from one form of video signal to another, either in real-time for live streaming or in non-real-time for further manipulation (editing or transcoding).” Of course, there’s a lot that goes on behind the wizard’s curtain, creating a plethora of choices for how you might handle your encoding/transcoding strategy. Do you use hardware, software, or outsourced services on the ground or in the cloud? What about workflow economics? What about future-proofing your content for emerging devices? Who can help with all of this?

Those are all fair questions.

This first installment in our new Superguide series is unique in that we are bringing you information from experts who make encoding and transcoding solutions for a living, to help companies such as yours get the job done efficiently and most cost-effectively. 

Let’s have a quick look at some numbers...