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Recurly: OTT Best Practices

OTT Best Practices: Strategies that Drive
Subscriber Acquisition and Retention

In the dynamic OTT market, fluctuations in subscriber metrics can make or break your business. To smooth acquisition and retention, leading OTT providers are finding success by combining flexible billing with advanced analytics.

In this informative webinar, you'll discover the proven strategies smart OTT providers are using to accelerate healthy subscriber growth.

Join the subscription management experts from Recurly on Thursday, November 17, 2016 at 10am PT / 1pm ET to learn how to:
  • Identify the most profitable bundles – pricing, promotion and channels – for your business with real-time analytics and actionable insights
  • Minimize churn – especially involuntary churn – with decline management and dunning strategies
  • Optimize revenue with continual testing, hypertargeting and advanced performance metrics
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Dan Rayburn
Streaming Media
Emma Clark
Sr. Product Manager