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StreamingMedia Industry Whitepapers
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Live over-the-top video delivery is becoming increasingly more popular and competitive. There are more major media companies adding live streaming services to compete in th OTT space. One way for media distributors to differentiate their OTT platform is by providing high-quality video with lower latency. In this whitepaper, you’ll learn about different low latency streaming options that can be used to reduce latency for live OTT delivery. 

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Learn how to add live sports streaming to your service offering, personalize every stream, and deliver new visual experiences that help you capture and retain global viewers. Streaming service providers and C-level leaders who want to include live sports streaming to stay competitive should read this valuable content today.

Sponsored By: Broadfield Distributing

The next stage of evolution in streaming for worship has arrived.

There are dozens of platforms offering live streaming for affordable rates, and churches can stream directly to their core audience in tailored, personalized ways that weren’t possible a decade or two ago. One thing that hasn’t changed throughout all of this progress is the need for high-quality, professional gear to capture and transmit the message.

In this guide, we emphasize gear that will work best for houses of worship in today’s high-tech streaming landscape.

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There are so many ways in which business can use video. Sales training, internal communications, all-hands meetings, investor and annual reports, and quarterly reviews are all repetitive communications that can be shot once and shared with an unlimited audience around the globe. 

The availability of simple and affordable, quality, professional equipment can enhance your corporate messaging. Let’s take a look
at some of what’s available and see how it can be used to revolutionize your messaging inside the office.