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Sponsored By: Broadfield Distributing

It’s not just online courses that are making live streaming an increasingly essential element of today's educational landscape. EDU webcasts run the gamut from single-camera to multi-camera, on-campus broadcast studios to fixed setups in sports venues to run-and-gun mobile rigs on the production side, and bonded cellular to satellite trucks and single- and multiple-CDNs when it comes to delivery. For those of us on the production side, capturing and delivering great videos is our primary job. And that means choosing the right gear to make our workflows work. Here's your guide to EDU streaming success.

Sponsored By: Signiant

Cloud adoption is rapidly increasing among media companies, but most are not going all in. Rather, they are continuing to use on-premises storage and software alongside cloud investments, while exploring multiple cloud vendors. This new hybrid cloud/multi-cloud world has a lot of benefits but also creates challenges, particularly around storage.

Learn how Signiant’s storage independent large file transfer solutions create an important abstraction layer, allowing global access to content along with complete control over storage type, location and cost. This eGuide is particularly useful for media companies that are: 

  • Starting to explore cloud storage and services
  • Using a mix of on-premises and cloud storage
  • Concerned about cloud vendor lock-in

Sponsored By: Haivision

Not sure which transport protocol to use for streaming live video with low end-to-end latency over the internet? We put RTMP and SRT open source protocol to the test to see exactly how they compare. In this white paper, get the results of our testing and discover how RTMP and SRT stack up against each other over public networks. You will learn:

  • The impact of using the SRT and RTMP transport protocol on end-to-end latency
  • The impact of hardware accelerated encoding and decoding on latency using both RTMP and SRT
  • How RTMP and SRT compare when tested for maximum bandwidth for long distance streams

Sponsored By: Broadfield Distributing

The next stage of evolution in streaming for worship has arrived.

There are dozens of platforms offering live streaming for affordable rates, and churches can stream directly to their core audience in tailored, personalized ways that weren’t possible a decade or two ago. One thing that hasn’t changed throughout all of this progress is the need for high-quality, professional gear to capture and transmit the message.

In this guide, we emphasize gear that will work best for houses of worship in today’s high-tech streaming landscape.

Sponsored By: Axinom!

The theft or piracy of video content has existed since the advent of motion pictures. The fight against this larceny has also been a continued endeavor in many forms. But, theft of digital video has reached an unprecedented scale and is costing Hollywood studios a good chunk of their revenues. Protecting digital video across platforms and devices has become a challenging task owing to the many technologies and vendors in the industries.
This whitepaper introduces and investigates the current DRM technologies, the various elements of a DRM service, and the challenges faced by providers while choosing a DRM service.

Sponsored By: Broadfield Distributing

There are so many ways in which business can use video. Sales training, internal communications, all-hands meetings, investor and annual reports, and quarterly reviews are all repetitive communications that can be shot once and shared with an unlimited audience around the globe. 

The availability of simple and affordable, quality, professional equipment can enhance your corporate messaging. Let’s take a look
at some of what’s available and see how it can be used to revolutionize your messaging inside the office.

Sponsored By: AWS Elemental

Learn how Quality-Defined Variable Bitrate (QVBR) encoding leads to significant improvements in video quality your viewers value, saves storage and bandwidth costs your budget appreciates, and makes maintaining consistent video quality easy and cost-efficient.

Sponsored By: Broadfield Distributing

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell once described the NFL as “the ultimate reality show.” That holds true for most sports, which is why there is such a high-demand to watch it live. In the past few years, advancements in live production and streaming technology have made it easier for schools, local and amateur leagues, and even esports tournaments to share their events with the same quality and production capabilities as the NFL. In Streaming Media’s Field Guide to Live Sports Production, you'll learn about what successful producers are doing and see some of the affordable equipment they're using to deliver sports streams. Discover what you need for your next sporting event, and how you can get it through Broadfield Distributing’s nationwide network of pro video dealers.