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StreamingMedia Industry Whitepapers
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Sponsored By: IBM Watson Media

Using the industry-leading AI capabilities of Watson, IBM can help unlock new capabilities:

  • Reduced time, cost, and mistakes
  • Automated caption generation
  • Rapid editing and quality control
  • Automatic natural cue segmentation
  • Self-learning for improved accuracy

Sponsored By: Datazoom

What do you want to do with your data? This whitepaper explores the issues with capturing data from an online video player through a multitude of vendor and proprietary technology components and the impact this can have on solving issues that result in video abandonment and subscriber churn. The paper introduces a new type of technology solution—Adaptive Video Logistics (AVL)— that solves those problems. AVL empowers video distributors with a single component for a standardized approach to video player data collection, faster retrieval, which ultimately ushers in a new age of video workflow automation.

Sponsored By: Haivision

Get a technical overview and deep dive into the open source SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) protocol. Learn why the protocol is performing at higher levels than proprietary solutions, and why the broadcast and streaming industries have adopted SRT in record numbers to fuel low-latency video transport over the internet.

Sponsored By: Signiant

If users in your organization need to transfer huge media assets during production, chances are, even your state-of-the-art network is slowing them down. And if they have deadlines, they’re not waiting around—they’re taking shortcuts with file-sharing tools that put your company’s assets at risk.

Signiant Media Shuttle is the solution of choice for thousands of media and entertainment companies around the world. Download our product guide today and learn about:

  • Signiant’s core technology including acceleration, reliability, security and scale-out management
  • The challenge of increased file sizes and the ways accelerated file transfer addresses it
  • How Media Shuttle fits into your operation, including administering users and setting up web portals
  • A technical deep-dive into system architecture, IT considerations, and multi-layered security
  • Using Media Shuttle with your own on-premises storage or with Amazon S3 and/or Microsoft Azure cloud storage