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Sponsored By: DaCast

For business to successfully develop new features while offering a smooth and stable user experience, the use of APIs has become critical.

APIs are revolutionizing many industries, especially the OTT video industry, by enabling integration of features that would otherwise require tremendous resources to develop in-house. Many companies have already put themselves a few steps ahead by integrating video APIs to boost their revenue (we're talking possible 3-digit ROI here).

In this white paper, you'll learn about:

- How APIs can speed development and boost business

- Technical basics of a video API

- Using APIs for monetization and cost-reduction

- How APIs are used in the OTT industry

If you're not already familiar with APIs, especially all the opportunities video APIs bring on the table, this is the moment to catch up.

Sponsored By: Accedo

For a video service to be successful today, stability, rapid results and continuing improvement to the overall experience are critical.

While it’s tempting to think of app development as the biggest factor for success, software is really just a component of a much larger effort. Successful apps are video businesses, developed on a basis of clear goals and objectives, defined up front with all the success factors in mind, and are clearly defined before development even begins.

In this white paper, you'll learn about:

  • The video market situation and trends
  • Requirements to be a successful video business
  • Ways to overcome video business challenges
  • What to consider when creating quality video experience

Sponsored By: IBM Cloud Video

Confronting the challenges in a disrupted video industry can seem more daunting today than ever before. Download this white paper and learn how the cognitive capabilities of IBM Watson can extract a new wealth of data from your video – revealing rare insights that can enhance monetization opportunities, maximize viewer engagement, and ultimately, increase content value and performance.

In this cutthroat environment with ever-expanding content libraries, a complex device ecosystem and a growing number of ways to consume video content, you've got to find the edge that will set your offering apart from the rest.
Learn how you can harness the machine learning power of Watson to differentiate and deliver exceptional video experiences – and outsmart the competition.

Sponsored By: NPAW (Nice People At Work)

Mobile accessibility has become a powerful force in the video market. Video viewing was once confined to the home, but smartphones, tablets, and
other connected devices are radically changing consumer behavior. Viewers can now access their favorite content from anywhere at any time.
Consumption patterns are also changing as viewers increasingly watch shorter videos while on the go, rather than dedicating time to watching
longer content at home.
Viewer expectations are also increasing. While mobile video was once a novelty, mobile viewers increasingly expect the same level of quality and
experience they receive from traditional broadcast television. This creates additional challenges for content distributors who need to reach this
increasingly mobile audience. Fortunately, there are tools and metrics available today to help content distributors optimize the mobile video experience, increase viewer engagement, and maximize revenue.