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Current issue - Summer 2015, featuring: Industry Whitepapers
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Sponsored By: Tulix

As an operator of a streaming service, understanding at some level how video gets streamed to a customer, and also how a customer accesses video streams, is critical. When an operator knows where their company or organization fits in the streaming landscape, making informed decisions becomes much easier. In this paper, we discuss what to consider when launching a streaming service, and provide important questions that operators should ask themselves and their potential vendors.

Sponsored By: Wowza

How do you ensure your live streaming solution is flexible enough to survive a shifting technological landscape while delivering the best possible experience to your audience? Streaming from the cloud makes sense in many cases. Find out why.

Sponsored By: JW Player

 Many businesses are suffering from the inability to capitalize on the mobile traffic coming to their site.  Learn about best practices for optimizing mobile views, engagement, and conversions from JW Player customers and industry leaders who have used mobile web and apps to drive engagement and conversions with their content.

Download this whitepaper to learn:

  • 5 Pro Tips for Mobile Video from experts  Jeroen “JW” Wijering, co-founder and creator of JW Player, and Jessica Thorpe, COO of
  • How to choose a video player optimized for the mobile experience
  • A case study on how the The New York Times uses video to create engaging brand content
  • Mastering mobile-friendly responsive design to improve both UX and SEO

Sponsored By: Limelight Networks

The Broadcast Quality Generation is here and they expect flawless performance with online video every time, whether it’s on the tiny screens in their pockets or the ultra HD screens in their homes.  Are you prepared to deliver to them? 

This paper offers an insightful look at the generation that is changing the way live streaming and video on demand is delivered and consumed. It provides content owners with important insights into the mindset of this important audience and their expectations. You’ll learn:

  • Strategies for simplifying your media publishing workflow
  • Critical components for providing digital experiences at broadcast quality
  • Tips and tricks you can use right now to improve publishing efficiency

The Broadcast Quality Generation is smart, savvy, and empowered with trillions of dollars in purchasing power.  Read this paper for valuable tips and techniques for how to give them what they want…now.


Sponsored By: NAGRA

Delivering OTT multiscreen services to an ever-growing number of CE devices that use a wide range of operating platforms, streaming standards and DRM products has become a key challenge for pay-TV service providers worldwide.

How can they effectively navigate this complex OTT world while maximizing reach and maintaining control over the TV experience?  NAGRA's latest white paper takes a comprehensive look at the key factors service providers need to consider in deploying OTT services, including: 

+ Market and technology challenges in maximizing OTT reach 

+ Streaming standards and fragmentation

+ Key considerations in selecting the right DRM and secure player technologies

Sponsored By: partnered with Nucleus Research to create a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Calculator that reconciles capital operating expenditures of on-premise encoding and provides projections for the same workflow using a cloud encoding solution.