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The Latest Chapter in a Competitive Marketplace 

Over-the-top (OTT) delivery of content has opened a new frontier of distribution as well as the floodgates of new competition.

While pay TV has long been a highly competitive marketplace in most developed nations, the push into the OTT space has heightened the competitive tension. Companies from throughout the video ecosystem as well as many non-traditional players are launching their own OTT services, each hoping to establish their position in the future of the video industry. 

This white paper addresses

  • Pay-TV provider strategies in addressing the OTT space
  • Entry of new players in the OTT service space: content producers, hardware, service providers
  • Changing consumer habits driving introduction of new OTT services
  • Factors/characteristics of successful OTT services

Sponsored By: has launched the HLS Pro Feature Set, the world’s most advanced HTTP-Live-Streaming solution. HLS Pro provides far greater control of every HLS parameter, simplifying delivery to the broadest range of devices.

  1. H.264 profiles Baseline, Main, and High can all be mapped based on individual device requirements.
  2. HLS audio only streams can be created to expand device support even further, and Dolby’s HE-AAC codec provides superior audio quality at lower bitrates as compared to the open source libfacc codec.
  3.’s HLS Pro also supports the creation of multiple audio streams so the best stream can be delivered on a device by device basis.
  4. If Closed Captions are a requirement, HLS Pro supports the latest closed caption standards, WebVTT & CEA-608, ensuring accessibility.

Maximum Compatibility
We provide HLS presets engineered, tested, and Apple reviewed to serve all screen resolutions and maximize compatibility across the top 30 smartphones and tablets for both iOS and Android.

Maximum Control
Customize all encoding parameters on a per-stream basis. Leverage HE-AAC for the highest quality audio at the lowest bit rates. Package output as .tar or .zip files for most efficient delivery.

Lowest Overhead’s proprietary HLS segmenter has the lowest overhead in the industry which equals tremendous storage savings.

Fastest Processing
Parallel dedicated 16-core processing of all individual streams ensure that even the largest libraries, targeting complex 12 bitrate HLS outputs, are completed in a fraction of real-time.

We’ve even completed and in-depth competitive analysis of leading cloud based HLS solutions. With’s HLS Pro feature set, one thing is for sure. All HLS Solutions are not created equal.

For more information on how to guarantee success with HLS, download our comprehensive HTTP-Live-Streaming Success Guide today.

Sponsored By: Tulix

An end-to-end OTT solution requires a robust streaming architecture coupled with a global, streaming-optimized CDN. To address the needs of our enterprise customers serving subscription-based content, Tulix Systems created TNA, a highly scalable streaming platform that is proving to be one of the fastest and most reliable, feature-rich streaming platforms on the market today. Coupled with Tulix's Video Delivery Network, TNA delivers media content to global audiences with an unprecedented level of stability and speed.

"During our meticulous monitoring of the systems running TNA during these evaluation periods, we noticed the lowest CPU, memory, and drive subsystem utilization we had ever witnessed".