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Video has gradually established itself as one of the principal mediums for online content consumption. This is a trend that has been followed by brands that have begun to produce more audiovisual content especially in their corporate communication, and which brings new challenges for companies: provide a sufficient broadcast quality to all employees, and ensure the security of content.

In this free white paper “The technical challenges of corporate audiovisual communication: How to manage and distribute corporate videos online?” you will find the advantages of hybrid solutions, the right combination between cloud and On-premise solution.

This white paper is organized in two main topics:

-          Corporate hosting and audiovisual media management solutions

-          The most relevant broadcasting solutions for the company

Download this white paper today to learn more about video broadcast!

Sponsored By: Digitalsmiths, a TiVo company

As video service providers roll out new apps, services, and UIs across more devices than ever, content delivery continues to expand beyond the set-top box. Thus, video service providers are now tasked with understanding how these new solutions affect viewer engagement and how to best optimize the user experience.

Additionally, these new video service offerings drive an unprecedented amount of useful, personalized data. Accessing this data isn’t the challenge, but extracting meaningful signals from this wealth of data to derive Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that truly align with the video service provider’s goals can be difficult.

- The top KPIs all video service providers should be tracking.

- How to track what Digitalsmiths considers the most critical and impactful new metric, a 'Discovery Session.'

- How to set baseline KPIs.

- Best practices on how to overcome the complexities that content discovery functionality can add to data analysis.

- How to leverage data from these KPIs to enable data-driven optimization of a viewing experience.

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Success in the OTT market requires more than just offering the largest array of content; it requires providing a superior quality of experience, across devices, every time.

In this free white paper OTT 2.0: How to Build a Better Mousetrap you will learn:

  • Why personalized content discovery is so important to viewers – and to the success of your business
  • How to avoid Internet congestion and provide a broadcast quality viewing experience
  • The importance of global network scale to meet spikes in consumer traffic
  • The impact of advertising on viewer abandonment

From content discovery to socialization and engagement, OTT providers must deliver a superior quality user experience in order to keep subscribers happy and away from the competition.

Download OTT 2.0: How to Build a Better Mousetrap white paper today to learn more!

Sponsored By: Ustream

Getting complaints related to buffering on your streams? Buffering presents a real business risk that can lead to viewer abandonment. Do you have a strategy for delivering live video to viewers with all types of internet connections?

In this white paper, you’ll learn about:

  • The impact of buffering on viewer retention
  • How adaptive bitrate streaming works
  • Best practices for applying adaptive streaming
  • Why adaptive streaming offers content to diverse audiences

Sponsored By: Elemental Technologies

Launching a new VOD or catch-up TV service can be a daunting task, especially when factoring in the potential growth of content availability and consumer demand for media. This white paper explains how video providers can evolve from basic to advanced filed-based workflows using software-defined video solutions without a complete overhaul of infrastructure and with minimal service interruption.

Download now and learn about:
  • Scalable workflows for file-based video delivery
  • Transcoding workflows for multiple content scenarios
  • The flexibility of a software-defined approach

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Streaming live company events like all hands and town halls is a big investment in time, money, and resources, so it’s no surprise that organizations want to stream these events from a controlled environment like a studio, conference room or auditorium.

However, innovative companies are taking the show on the road and streaming live from conferences, tradeshows, remote offices and other offsite locations. With this white paper, learn why you should broadcast your next event outside of the office. We’ll touch on how you can keep content secure, ensure high quality streams, and share best practices to make sure your employees don’t miss a frame, no matter where you stream.

Sponsored By: Touchstream

Don't lose your audience to content buffering, stalling, or just plain not working. Learn how use active 24/7 monitoring for instant, detailed alerts of streaming issues before they become your viewers' issues. 
Read this free whitepaper for valuable insights on how a comprehensive active streaming monitoring service will ensure your live streams are performing at their best.

Sponsored By: Tulix

There are many things to consider when it comes to 4K / Ultra-High Definition (UHD) for Over-The-Top (OTT) delivery.  Can 4K / UHD be delivered successfully Over-The-Top in a revenue generating manner?  What kind of obstacles and challenges does 4K / UHD streaming present?  Is the market there yet and is this a viable business strategy? In this paper, we will explore these questions and the considerations to make when launching a 4K / UHD service for OTT delivery.

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Learn how to maintain predictable and efficient costs for your cloud media processing workflow using Reserved Instances. These provide an unmetered solution for media processing in the cloud and represent the most cost effective way of handling your baseline requirements, with the ability to leverage on-demand resources during times of peak capacity. This white paper provides a TCO analysis for both on-premise hardware solutions and cloud based solutions, providing insights you can apply to your own workflow requirements.

Sponsored By: Tulix

As an operator of a streaming service, understanding at some level how video gets streamed to a customer, and also how a customer accesses video streams, is critical. When an operator knows where their company or organization fits in the streaming landscape, making informed decisions becomes much easier. In this paper, we discuss what to consider when launching a streaming service, and provide important questions that operators should ask themselves and their potential vendors.