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Adlikerstrasse 246
Regensdorf 8105

Phone: 00-41432999292
Web site: https://www.xtendx.com

xtendx is a private, Swiss company.  xtendx offers a proprietary developed enterprise platform to encode, manage and deliver any media content on the Internet/Intranet and mobile devices.
Its SIMPLEX Enterprise Media Platform addresses technical challenges of corporates through a simple to use, secure and automated workflow. It integrates seamless within the existing soft- and hardware infrastructure. Compatible with existing CMS, LMS and DAM solutions. All aspects of online video including web casting, live streaming, chat functionalities and video-on-demand are covered.

Companies from all industries from medium to large, local and international are using Simplex to enhance their digital asset strategy.

Product Description

The Media Platform for Corporates consists of 5 main pillars.

1. Simplex Pro

A cross platform desktop application with the key benefits of audio and video recording & encoding, content import & transcoding, synchronisation & editing, live & on demand streaming, chat & collaboration features and process automation.

2. Simplex Server

Key benefits of media server includes administration, detailed statistics, content distribution and high scalability. The system is built on a robust n-tier architecture and can easily handle thousands of simultaneous users.

3. Simplex Player

Advanced html5 video and webcasting player. It offers all the common features of todays needs: from streaming, analytics and advertising to custom skinning.

4. Simplex Nubes

SIMPLEX Nubes is pushing the limits of simplicity within video content storage and distribution process to the next level. SIMPLEX Nubes its newest web-service, which allows users to upload, store and publish online video content as well as video analytics with a browser-based application.

5. Simplex Collector

The Simplex Collector ist the enterprise digital asset management (DAM) solution. It gives you a secure, cost-effective control of all your media assets throughout your organisation, across multiple delivery channels and media platforms. It is the easy to use toolbox for collaboration, collecting and edit the assets to maximum value. The collector can do all work on-the-go, on its mobile version, seamless integrated in your workflow.




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