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A cost efficient and complete cloud IPTV/OTT cross platform integrated solution, aiming to help small and medium sized companies enter the IPTV/OTT broadcasting business and start monetizing their content.

WeCast is built on a “pay as you grow” philosophy, delivering your content anytime, anywhere, fully secured and with no capex. A full turnkey solution, from content ingestion to multi-screen availability, that can even be complemented with a customized set-top box.

Product Description

WeCast is an highly customizable turn-key IPTV/ OTT solution with a very simple deployment process. This white label platform is able to broadcast your content while providing you all the tools you need to manage your IPTV/OTT service at your fingertips via WeFlex middleware.

WeFlex middleware is supported by all WeTek devices with the WeFlex Android TV application. Other resources include WeFlex Android and iOS application for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets and, finally, WeFlex Web TV.

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