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United Kingdom

Phone: +44 20 8819 5710
Web site: www.showcaster.com

Live streaming has never been easier. Whether you are a broadcaster, production company or a business looking to live stream your first event, then look no further than ShowCaster. 

ShowCaster enables you to broadcast live, interactive web shows to any audience. ShowCaster’s player embeds directly into your website, Facebook page or Twitter stream and includes social chat, live polls and real-time event analytics.

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Product Description

Bring live to life with ShowCaster. 

ShowCaster is Europe’s leading live streaming platform - enabling live, interactive web TV shows to be broadcast to large audiences.  ShowCaster Studio provides access to the award-winning ShowCaster platform so that anyone, from large event producers with a multi-camera set-up to video enthusiasts with a webcam, can stream video into their own site.

Key features

  • Player - Embed ShowCaster in your website - your viewers never leave your site. Choose from a range of different player sizes, designs and colour schemes.
  • Broadcaster - ShowCaster’s web-based broadcaster combines stunning quality video with ease of use. Advanced users can cut between multiple camera angles using ShowCaster certified hardware and software.
  • Produced shows - We offer full production where required - including cameras, sound, lighting, production and social marketing. We can even broadcast from locations with no power or internet - like the beach!
  • Audience participation - The web is interactive where TV isn’t. ShowCaster capitalises on this, encouraging audience participation via Twitter, Facebook and polls - the results of which are immediately available to the presenter. We can also integrate bespoke audience participation functionality - to fit the show’s format.
  • Monetisation - Run pay-per-view shows - sell tickets via PayPal, SMS or Facebook credits. Or run sponsored shows - a model TV advertisers understand well.
  • Any screen - We live in a multi-screen world. Tablets, smartphones and connected TVs are an integral part of the entertainment experience. ShowCaster takes care of all this for you - your live web TV shows are optimised for any screen.
  • Replay - Viewers want to be able to replay live shows at their leisure. ShowCaster shows are available to replay shorty after the live show has finished.
  • Scalable - The TV industry is one of ShowCaster’s core markets - and when talking about viewers the TV industry deals in millions rather than thousands. ShowCaster is specifically designed to support large volumes of concurrent users - scaling better than any other platform of its kind.
  • Analytics - Comprehensive show statistics are available both during and after each show - separated between live and replay. Understand your viewers - who they are, where they’re from and which topics are trending.
  • Social - Aggregate social feeds and comments - your viewers can interact via ShowCaster, Twitter or Facebook. You can even broadcast your show directly onto your Facebook page. ShowCaster optionally provides full moderation - ensuring that the social ‘wild west’ doesn’t pollute your site.
  • Polls - Give your viewers a voice, using real-time polls to drive the outcome of a show, or quickly gauge opinon during a show. Great for current affairs broadcasters - or for asking viewers what topics they would like addressed during the show.

ShowCaster is used by a host of clients including some of the world’s largest media brands - including Channel 4, Yahoo!, Sky and The Sun - providing a highly scalable platform to support the largest live events. We also offer full production including equipment and crew if required. 

Sign up with discount code LIVE50 for 50% off your first month. 

Happy streaming!

Team ShowCaster

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