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1 Trafalgar Court
Brighton East Sussex BN1 4FB
United Kingdom

Phone: 08009992468
Web site: www.sharp-stream.com

SharpStream are audio streaming experts, providing a market leading intelligent distribution network that enables our customers to stream content. We provide audio content producers with an innovative streaming platform for all live and on-demand audio content, connecting content publishers with users worldwide and delivering billions of listening hours annually. We enable our customers to distribute, monetise and report their content globally through our cutting-edge platform while saving them the cost and headache of bespoke tech development.

SharpStream enables customers to maximise commercial and marketing opportunities for their entire content portfolio through a single integration.

Product Description

SharpStream Portal

The Ultimate Audio Streaming Dashboard

The SharpStream Portal is the most comprehensive toolset for publishers to simplify audio streaming management, monetisation, analysis and support.

SharpStream Platform

Content Management and Streaming Production Suite

The SharpStream Platform is a content management and streaming production suite, designed as a solution for managing content where challenges are preventing content publishing.  

Key Functions Provided by the SharpStream Network

24/7 Support 
We actively monitor every element of the network 24/7 to ensure we never miss a beat.  

We provide you with the tools to analyse your audience - who they are, where they are from and what trends they follow.

Content Monetisation 
We integrate directly into the latest ad-technology, giving you the opportunity to monetise your content.  

Rock-solid Network 
We broadcast your content through our privately owned infrastructure with core routing capabilities to ensure the best quality experience, every time.  

We enable you to automate the scheduling, recording and publishing of your content, all through our user-friendly platform.  

Simple, reliable, flexible and smart, SharpStream is the ultimate package for streaming

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