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Sawmill Analytics

Swindon SN4 9LZ

Phone: +44 (0)845 250 4470
Web site: www.sawmill.co.uk
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Sawmill is a high-integrity universal analysis and reporting tool with support for every popular streaming media server. It can be hosted on any platform (Unix, Linux, Windows, Macintosh, VM) and is client-less in operation. Sawmill includes support for 1000+ log file formats within its plug-in library.  Sawmill converts the valuable data hidden in log files into readable and actionable information and reports,  with optional alerting.  Sawmill’s output is graphic, tabular and highly readable, with a highly customizable user interface. Sawmill can analyze multiple servers concurrently, with the license size determined only by the number of report profiles.  Neither the number of users nor the size of the log files are a part of the license and are unlimited.  Further information on Sawmill is available at www.sawmill.co.uk or by email to sales@sawmill.co.uk.

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