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3 Rue du Bicentenaire
Puteaux France 92800

Web site: www.squadeo.tv
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Squadeo is a leading global provider of video software solutions to the broadcast and TV-industry worldwide. Squadeo’s mission is to solve today’s and tomorrow’s OTT challenges by providing premium video players on open platforms, with a constant focus on enhanced visual experience in compliance with Studio requirements. Squadeo team is made of professionals originating from Philips and NXP with extensive expertise in its domains, and a track record of creating valuable products and IP.

Product Description

QuickPlayer is a robust and secure OTT video player for Android, iOS, PC, Mac and Web providing superior and unified video experience across OTT platforms in compliance with Studio requirements based on major DRMs. QuickPlayer is deployed in 43 countries by more than 50 customers worldwide. Leveraging strong security and user experience differentiators, QuickPlayer is the natural choice for supporting ambitious OTT plans of broadcasters and telcos worldwide.

VideoShield is a patented solution to enable massive HD deployment and reach subscribers facing anti-rooting false positive issues. VideoShield secures the video path on the device based on open platform ("last mile" protection). VideoShield is an alternative solution to anti-rooting and is a fallback solution when hardware security (TEE) is not available on a device.

VideoBooster promises to reduce bandwidth network need by a factor of about 30%. VideoBooster renders HD-like quality from a SD quality video stream. VideoBooster is a pure client software and VdeoBooster's gain cumulates with HEVC gain, resulting in HEVC+VideoBooster prviding more than 50% gain compared to regular H.264.

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Mobile VideoOTT VideoVideo Formats/Players/Codecs
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