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U Nikolajky 9
Prague 5 15000
Czech Republic

Phone: +420 226 258 030
Web site: https://camstreamer.com/

CamStreamer is developing unique embedded applications for Axis IP cameras. It is Czech company based in Prague, Axis ADP partner for more than a decade.

What our apps can do:
- Live streaming directly from camera
- RTMP, HLS or SRT video stream directly from camera
- Add dynamic overlay graphics to video
- Automate streaming with schedules and triggers

CamStreamer apps run on more than 4,000 cameras, more than 600 attractive streams are in our Live Gallery. Our focus is the media broadcast segment, automated streaming, 24/7 streaming. Current end-users are from many areas – Travel&Business, Sports&Events, Culture&Religion, Wildlife&Nature etc.

Product Description

Portfolio of applications:
CamStreamer App
Online streams to platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Dacast, etc. Conversion of video provided by the camera into a different format and distribution via a selected protocol. 

CamOverlay App
Embedding own graphics, ready-made widgets (weather, scoreboard), text, info ticker or a combination of these features directly into the image, which is output from the camera.

CamScripter App
A communication script bridge between the camera and other systems, making it possible e.g. to insert 3rd party data into the image or send data from the camera directly to a certain system.

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