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Streaming Media Industry Directory (Sourcebook)
Groovy Gecko Ltd
31-35 Pitfield Street
London N1 6HB
United Kingdom

Phone: 020 7240 0900
Fax: 020 7240 9699
Web site: www.groovygecko.com

Groovy Gecko are award winning online video specialists and have been live streaming for 20 years.

Our products include live streaming services into social media platforms, custom online video platform development and a webcasting system for large corporations which can be used as either a service or a SaaS product.

We are an official Facebook Software and Live Video Solutions Partner and work with brands such as Nike, Barclaycard, Microsoft, the UN and Huawei.

We are always up for breaking the mould, and so we're happy to talk through nascent ideas and develop cutting edge concepts with a focus on viewer engagement.

Product Description

Groovy Gecko offers the following products, which all come with advice and support from our team, and are tailored to be highly adaptable to our client's requirements:

Social media streaming – We can stream a live video into a wide range of social sites such as Twitter and Facebook, and can include features such as moderated Q&A and polling which enhance interaction and drive audience engagement. 

Online Video Platform – Our highly customised online video platform lets you host and deliver live and on-demand video content using a robust, open source API while tailoring the service to your exact needs.

Live Presentation System – This software system created by Groovy Gecko allows companies to send and share live streams, videos, slide decks and other content with multiple people in multiple locations privately and securely. Polls, audience questions and feedback forms are just some of the interactive features available.

Self-Managed Live Presentation System - Under the name EckoEnterprise, this is the same as our Live Presentation System, but it is managed by the client in-house, rather than the Groovy Gecko team. It is ideal for large corporations with their own video and digital departments.

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Content Delivery Networks/CDNContent ProtectionEncoding/TranscodingFormats/Codecs/Protocols
Live StreamingMobile VideoOTT TVVideo Advertising
Video ProductionVR/AR/MREducation VideoEnterprise Video
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