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Rambla provides content delivery services, including live and on-demand streaming, media encoding, traffic monitoring and webcasting through our in-house CDN.

We offer a range of solutions built on top of the Wowza Media Server, such as Flash webcam recording, “playlist streaming”, videochat and tailor made modules, all tightly integrated through RESTful web API's.

Clevercast ( offers a highly automated workflow for enterprises and educational institutions in need of a self-service live or on-demand webinar solution.

Product Description

Clevercast ( makes it easy to produce professional webcasts for both live and on-demand audiences. Through clever automation, intuitive interfaces and a dynamic workflow, Clevercast meets the needs of any company or education institute.

The Clevercast Player provides a reliable and engaging online experience to every user on any device or platform thanks to its customizable, responsive design and adaptive, multi-bitrate video delivery.

Clevercast Broadcaster doesn't require any dedicated broadcasting hardware as it can be installed on your own iMac, MacBook Pro or Mac Mini. It accepts a wide range of audiovisual input sources.

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