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MAINDATA, spol. s r.o.
Senicka 23
Bratislava 81104

Phone: +421 2 5465 2191
Fax: +421 2 5465 2192
Web site: www.maindatainc.com

MAINDATA provides complete IP streaming echosystem for mobile and cable networks. MAINDATA product ranges from the Live TV streams reception (satellite, terrestrial TV receivers, TSoIP), transcoding, live video studio, streaming, VOD and catch-up services controlled by access control incl. digital rights management DRM up to the streaming clients as SAAS.

MAINDATA provides Live Video studio allowing mix inputs from various resources like remote camera, picture, screencasting, hdmi camera etc.

MAINDATA was established in 1996, based in Europe, Slovakia and has worldwide customer base in USA, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Taiwan, Italy, UK, Germany, Uruguay, Spain, India, Cameroon, Lybia, Turkey, Thailand, Uganda, Kuwait, UAE ..

Product Description

Live TV receivers with build DVB to IP gateway, demux and CI slot allows to receive Live TV sources and stream to transcoders. Models for Satellite, Terrestrial and Internet (TSoIP) adapters are available.

Live video studio mixes different live video, audio inputs with recorded media into single outgoing video incl. chroma key transparency, screencasting etc.

Transcoders - live and offline transcoding into dirrerent bitrates, connected to streaming server for further distrubution.

Streaming server - supporting multiple protocols HLS, RTSP/RTP, Silverlight, MPEG-DASH etc.   

VOD OTT server - video on demand, supporting different bitrates.

Catch-up server - creating web archives from live feeds, for later view.

Access control - controlling access of users to live, VOD or catch-up services.

Streaming client - client for Android and iOS devices for accessing live streaming, VOD and catch-up services.

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