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15 avenue du Granier
Meylan 38240

Phone: +33457422000
Web site: http://www.keepixo.com

Keepixo, the spin-off of Allegro DVT’s broadcast business, is a leading provider of software-based and cloud-ready head-end solutions for IPTV & OTT.

Keepixo offers a complete range of components that broadcasters and service providers need for creating their OTT TV preparation & delivery chain:

  • Live H.264 and HEVC encoders, up to UHD
  • Feature-rich OTT Packagers
  • File-based H.264 and HEVC video transcoders for multiscreen VOD, up to 4K
  • Delivery solutions featuring advanced functions such as Catch-Up, Start-Over and nPVR

These solutions can be offered as pure software or appliances, and are used by more than 150 customers including 40 tier-1 operators worldwide.

Product Description

Keepixo's product range enables a full OTT preparation and delivery chain:

Virtualizable software:

  • Genova Live: high density software-based live H.264 and HEVC multiscreen encoder.
  • Genova File: file-based H.264 and HEVC transcoder for multiscreen VOD.
  • Genova Origin: packager, catch-up generator and origin server.
  • Genova Mosaic: live mosaic generator
  • Genova Manager: configuration, deployment and management made easy


  • AL2000: live H.264 and HEVC multiscreen transcoder
  • AL2000-UHD: live UHD encoder
  • ALOrigin: stand-alone packager, catch-up generator and origin server.
  • ALMosaic: mosaic channel generator.
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