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Iris Platform
Västmannagatan 41
Stockholm 11325

Phone: +46706838288
Web site: https://irisplatform.io

Iris Platform is built by Bambuser, a Swedish company founded in 2007 by four young live video pioneers. The company is a maker of world-renowned technology for interactive mobile live video streaming and its technology is installed on 50+ million devices globally. HQ is located in Stockholm with an R&D office in Turku, Finland.

Product Description

Never miss out on a breaking news story, increase your video inventory and lower your production costs with the Iris platform. 

Iris is an enterprise SaaS-platform that enables you to leverage your video strategy. There's no extra hardware or installations needed. Iris is intuitive comes with easy-to-use apps and interfaces as well as comprehensive documentation. 

The Iris smartphone app enables high quality low-latency live reporting from the field, with extraordinary features like two-way audio talkback and parallel local recording in 1080p. Our technology can also be integrated into native apps, by utilizing the Iris SDK, to acquire user-generated-content. 
Online Resources
  • Iris Flow
    Iris Flow is a ready-to-go product suite comprising all of the tools needed to flip the switch for live video broadcasting within your organization. You can roll out our reliable, low latency, HD video streaming in your organization without having to worry about stability, scaling, infrastructure or older devices.
  • Iris Dev
    Iris Dev is an advanced set of SDKs designed to easily integrate real-time video and photo contribution capabilities within your native apps and online platforms. Use our SDKs and APIs to aggregate user generated content and deliver it to your app or site.
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