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Icareus Ltd
Itälahdenkatu 18
Helsinki Uusimaa FI-00210

Phone: +358922890801
Fax: +358922890810
Web site: www.icareus.com

Icareus' solutions are enjoyed by millions of consumers via leading broadcasters, operators and content distributors in over 50 countries. Combining broadband and broadcast technologies have been the core of our activities since 2001, true pioneers some say. We have seen, learned and been making the change from "old” linear TV to today's hybrid multi-screen experience, a better TV experience.

Icareus Suite Online Video and TV Platform enable you to build rich revenue generating OTT and online video services. Icareus trusted broadcast and hybrid solutions for HbbTV, Addressable TV and Audience monitoring help you to understand and monetise your broadcast network even better.

Product Description

Icareus Suite is a Online Video and TV Platform running on the scalable cloud environment and targeted for broadcasters, TV operators and publishers to monetize their video based content either on broadband or broadcast environment. Icareus Suite allows you to manage your content, subscribers, devices, services, user experience, advertisements and monetization on pretty much any environment.

Online Resources
  • Icareus OTT and TV Everywhere Solutions
    The time for OTT is now as the amount of internet connected devices have exploded. This market provides TV service providers, content owner, aggregators and other services providers new ways to exploit their existing content, reach their customers even globally and increase revenues from online! Icareus OTT solution can provide even a cloud-based end-to-end solution for service providers building a new OTT service, ie. CloudTV. On the other hand Icareus Suite Open API –interface allows also utilizing the service providers existing infrastructure like asset management, CRM, billing platform, DRM and streaming servers seamlessly integrated with Icareus OTT service. Monetization opportunities with Icareus OTT solution are versatile, supporting e.g. TVOD, SVOD, Pay TV channels and advertising in all of its forms including display pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll videos.
  • Icareus Enterprise Video Solution
    Icareus Enterprise Video solution is a suite of tools to create opportunities, improve the sales and brand awareness, to train and educate own employees and sales channels worldwide and to communicate quickly and effectively through the whole organization. With Icareus Enterprise Video helps you to take your own organization to the video age. Everything through single, share, secure and reliable cloud environment with high quality support services. And naturally video service branded with your own organization brand and only with your brand.
  • Icareus HbbTV Solutions
    Icareus has combined its unique knowledge from both OTT and Broadcast environments to offer a complete platform to manage HbbTV services from video delivery to application deployment. The solution combines all the necessary components from HbbTV 1.1 to 2.0 and above. You want to start with HbbTV, but you are not sure what to purchase to set- up your environment? Don't worry. Icareus has been doing Interactive TV services in production for more than a decade. We have also packed our production level solutions into single server to give new service developer, broadcaster, operators, research units etc the real tools to start with HbbTV.
  • Icareus Addressable TV
    Are you interested in higher CTR and Impression percentages on quality audience? Add direct dialog with the TV viewer to collect e.g. contact details. Icareus Addressable TV™ takes TV commercials to totally new level by introducing lucrative hybrid ad spaces and personalised video ads. Icareus Addressable TV™ solution provide tools for advertisers to take their TV commercials on totally new level. Bringing display ads to TV allows advertisers to a direct connection with an individual TV viewer and makes it possible to collect information from them.
  • Icareus Audience Monitoring Solution
    Knowing your audiences is a key to succeed as a broadcaster or operator, either you offer on-demand or linear services. Icareus Audience Monitoring™ solution provide tools for TV Operator, Broadcaster or other service providers like ad to collect information about the audience watching or using the TV service. The information can be collected from any application or devices connected to the service including HbbTV devices, set-top boxes, other SmartTVs, tablets, mobile phones and wed services.
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