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4 bis rue Saint-Sauveur
Paris 75002

Phone: +33(0)1 83 64 10 31
Web site: http://hubee.tv

We are Hubee ! 

We build smart video platforms and consumer centric services.

With eight years’ experience in the design, development and operation of BO & Back-end, Hubee has developed more than 40 specific video platforms.

We offer 
Premium video services which include: 

- Design and development on STB/Box, TVs, Tab/Mob and Games consoles. 

- Innovation services to support your new and fresh ideas! 


Product Description

Today, consumers are no longer looking for a specific type of consumption but instead need to be able to quickly access their content via all distribution models (Live, Catch-up, VOD, SVOD, etc.).

Based on this trend and our solid experience, BEEMIX is born. A micro-service approach is at the heart of BEEMIX’s architecture, which offers incredible flexibility.  

BEEMIX is a unified and modular solution adapted to all contexts of video distribution: Live, VOD/SVOD/Replay, NPVR, Analytics, ads. 


BEEMIX offers unedited modules: 

- Re-Linear feature. 

- Sharp EPG for smart TV functionalities. 


Online Resources
  • bee on demand
    Bee on demand is a solution for day-to-day VOD platform management, OTT and IPTV deployment strategy, and international roll-out plans.
  • bee my channel
    Bee My Channel allows you to create and edit live TV and personalised TV channels in just a few clicks.
  • bee live & recording
    These two modules provide a best-in-class solution offering advanced TV features : Live OTT and accurate EPG as the entry point for all premium, high-level features such as Start over, Live to File, Live to Catch-up, NPVR,Time Shifting, etc.
  • adhubee
    A unique worldwide IPTV & STB advertising solution. Monetize all your video services and create new revenues.
  • Our success story
    Discover all our clients!
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