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G&L Geissendoerfer & Leschinsky GmbH
Maarweg 149-161
Cologne 50825

Phone: +49 221 998090
Fax: +49 221 99809109
Web site: www.gl-systemhaus.de

G&L Geißendörfer & Leschinsky GmbH supplies live and on demand audio & video web broadcasting services for radio and TV stations, companies and public administration.

  • Custom software development for your audiovisual workflow needs
  • Robust software products designed for signal acquisition, processing, transcoding, archiving, distribution and monitoring
  • Single and Multi-CDN delivery
  • HbbTV-Livestreaming
  • Media Library and CMS integration
  • Global Website Delivery and Acceleration
  • HTML5 players with HLS support via MSE
  • 24/7 premium "follow the sun" support 
  • Akamai Platinum Partner
  • Partnering also with Level 3, Limelight, Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform
Product Description

Akamai Web Performance, Media Delivery and Cloud Security Solutions

Microsoft Azure Media Services 

G&L Encoder

Custom build robust software defined encoders with integrated recording of up to 4 parallel channels. Proven and tested in 24*7 high performance setups like Olymipcs, World Cup, and EURO. Akamai certified. Full API support.

G&L Fileplayer

Versatile file and live feed switcher, software defined. Standalone with HD-SDI I/O or as a virtual capture device for the G&L encoder. Allows for cloud and on premise based studio setups. Full API support.

G&L Wandelbar

Fully scalable orchestration of heterogeneous on demand encoding nodes. Hybrid transcoding solution for converting a virtually unlimited variety of in-and output formats, on premise or cloud based. Custom CMS integration available.

G&L Player

Modular and robust HTML5 player with Flash fallback. Support for HLS on current versions of IE, Chrome, Safari, FF via Media Source Extensions without plugins. 


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