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Storgata 33b
P.B. 425 Sentrum

Oslo Oslo 0103

Phone: +4722405200
Fax: +4722405215
Web site: www.conax.com
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Conax, part of the Kudelski Group, is a leading global specialist in total service protection for digital TV and entertainment services via broadcast, broadband and connected devices. Conax provides telcos, cable, satellite, IP, mobile, terrestrial and broadband operations with an innovative portfolio of flexible and cost-efficient solutions to deliver premium content securely. Conax’ future-ready technology offers modular, fast-time-to-market solutions that enable easy entry into a world of secure multiscreen, multi-DRM content delivery and secures rights for premium content delivery to a range of devices over new hybrid network combinations. Headquartered in Norway, Conax technology enables secure content revenues for 400 operators in 85 countries globally.


Product Description

Our flagship product, Conax Contego, is a multi-DRM security back-end supporting the major DRMs from one single management system. Conax’ pre-integrated OTT multiscreen solutions allow service providers to rapidly deploy selected features most suited for their local market with minimal initial investment, paying as they grow their revenues. We offer and support solutions worldwide with successful deployments in all major continents.

Conax Connected Access is a premium multipurpose security client that in its first edition provides next generation security for IPTV, supported by the highly flexible Conax Contego content security management system. Based on Conax Contego, the operator is exceptionally equipped to support all modes of operation, both new and existing distribution platforms. Conax Connected Access is therefore ideal for both new operators moving into pay-TV operations based on IP connectivity, as well as existing broadcast operators going IP.

Award-winning Conax GO Live is an entry level, turnkey solution for streaming live-TV channels with start-over and catch-up features to iOS and Android devices. Conax GO Live is all about simplicity – from its user-friendly app to its simple, straight-forward technical deployment. Conax GO Live enables a low risk introduction into OTT and multiscreen with minimal investment and an exceptionally fast time-to-market.

If your operation, at any point, requires a more advanced multiscreen service, Conax Xtend Multiscreen facilitates this. Conax Xtend Multiscreen is a fully fledged TV-distribution ecosystem for operators with previous expertise on multiscreen and higher ambition levels, including wide device support, nPVR, catch-up and VOD. Choosing Conax, your OTT multiscreen investment is safe, as most of the investment for Conax GO Live such as Conax Contego, encoders and streaming equipment can be reused when upgrading to Conax Xtend Multiscreen.

To learn more, download product information on conax.com

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