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Company Webcast
Rivium Boulevard 220
Capelle aan den IJssel 2909 LK
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 (0)10 282 9500
Fax: +31 (0)10 21 25 123
Web site: www.companywebcast.com

Company Webcast was founded in 2004 and right from the beginning Company Webcast has proven to be a visionary in the field of Webcasting, Webinars and Online Seminars. Making cloud services a core part of the service has proven to be a large step ahead of competition.

Company Webcast BV is a market leader with regards to Webcasting services in the Benelux.

Besides the public sector, Company Webcast offers its services to many Dutch and International corporations such as Heineken, AkzoNobel and many others.

CWC can be your partner if you have the ambition to integrate Webcasting services into your portfolio!

Company Webcast is active in many markets, including the relevant markets for companies with an ambition to integrate Webcasting into its portfolio as a strategic add-on. These partners can be companies that deliver any type of communication solution to the market ; companies that know how to integrate with our API can build tailor-made solutions that truly deliver cutting edge functionality to their end-customers or distribution channel.

Leverage your focus with our Webcasting platform and with our API you can create a solution unique to the market, even in a white labeled type of partnership.

If you are interested to work with Company Webcast, resell our solution into the markets that are key-target areas for you or if you are interested to have a further look at our API and discuss how to work with us, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Product Description

Company Webcast offers you a complete solution that includes the capture and encode, management and distribution components of a Webcast and all through a very strong and easy web based management portal. CWC works with market leading hosting and distribution partners.

Company Webcast fully embraces the Video ( Webcast ) As a Service principle ; The system is not physically located on your premises, but operates fully in the ‘Cloud'. Consequently, as an organization you do not have to make any further investments in servers, storage, IT support or periodic updates and you can use the Company Webcast platform which scales and corrects automatically. This saves you time and ensures you are able to focus on more important things.

The unique thing about the user-friendly Company Webcast Webcast platform is that you do not need any technical knowledge and/or IT support yourself to get started with producing, recording and broadcasting Webcasts. It's truly Plug & Play!

With the aid of the RoyalCast API you can be in control of:

  • Creating a full Webcast player of your own, capable of playing a fragment from a Webcast or an extensive collection of fragments from several Webcasts, live and/or on demand
  • Integrate your existing CMS environment to our API and create a unique proposition that includes Webcasting ; examples can be found amongst others in the public sector where our partners have created a front office environment that has a complete integration of their software with our API.
  • Have your website refreshed when Webcasts go live and report relevant metadata on your website when these are produced during a Webcast.
  • Generate overviews of coming or current Webcasts, or create playlists of fragments from a single speaker or topic.

This and many more features make our platform extremely flexible for integration with your existing investments and your current and future demands.

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