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11 rue Leon Jouhaux
Paris 75010

Phone: +33 673 972 682
Web site: www.cleverscale.com
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CleverScale is a SaaS company providing innovative tools to unify and consolidate management of CDNs and web acceleration tools.

Product Description

Today's successful web applications are expected to ensure consistent experience to users located everywhere, anytime and at peak usage hours.

High traffic websites getting a boost from acceleration services like CDNs soon discovered no operator can offer homogeneous coverage and reliability. Many content owners began recently spreading traffic among providers, immediately facing the complexity of multiple APIs, monitoring and service orchestration.

Enter CleverScale, the tool that provides unified console and API to help users configuring and monitoring multiple CDNs, DNS routing and content optimization service.

With CleverScale, customers can manage their existing CDN contracts or purchase a consolidated account; we support all major web acceleration providers out of the box and we provide custom integration for those not in our roadmap.

All CleverScale usage plans include service monitoring, usage analytics, logs aggregation and export, cost consolidation tools and enterprise support.

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