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Perú 6B, Bajo 2
Las Rozas Madrid 28290

Phone: +34911159525
Web site: www.cires21.com

Cires21 provides live streaming solutions based on software that allow customers encode, manage, visualize and monitor their live streaming content in multiple formats and devices.

Many of the spanish broadcasters rely on Cires21 solutions to streamline their live content (radio and television).

Product Description

Live Streaming Solutions: Real-Time encoding and managing audio/video signals and streams, recording and pubish in multiple formats (Flash, Silverlight, iOS, Android, WindowsPhone, ...)

Live Monitoring Solutions: Real-Time monitoring audio/video streams, recording and SNMP, audible/visible, mail and SMS alerts.

C21 Live Control
: Flexible and high availability management system for encoding and monitoring live streaming cloud platforms.

C21 Live Encoder: Audio and video signal encoding appliance solution.

C21 Live Mosaic: Video and audio multiple streams supervision and monitoring solution.

C21 Live Monitor: Unattended monitoring solution for multiple video and audio streams.

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Video Encoding/TranscodingMedia/Entertainment Video
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