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Castellana 178
Madrid 28046

Phone: +34 914 58 37 37
Web site: bebanjo.com

BeBanjo designs and builds solutions to help you manage your on-demand world. If you are still managing your Video On-Demand schedule, rights, metadata or operations using Excel sheets or legacy systems, we really should talk.

We have developed an award-winning suite of tools that targets specific areas of your on-demand workflow. We make running your on-demand operation easier, faster and better, so that you are free to concentrate on really running your on-demand business.

A wide range of companies successfully operating in the on-demand space already trust us and enjoy the benefits of the BeBanjo experience, to find out why you should join them, check us out at bebanjo.com. 

Product Description

We are an agile company of talented developers, designers and Video On-Demand specialists and we like to take good care of our customers; that is why we focus on making easy to use, easy to learn, collaborative tools that our users love.

We make Video On-Demand operations easier, faster, better, so that our customers are free to concentrate on really running their Video On-Demand business.

BeBanjo was founded in 2008 and is part of Arkena.

Online Resources
  • Movida
    Movida enables you to manage the editorial side of your Video On-Demand business across multiple platforms, devices, business models and countries.
  • Metadata
    How can we enable a single user to publish thousands of titles to multiple Video On-Demand platforms with no mistakes? That is exactly what Metadata does today.
  • Sequence
    Sequence is the hub that drives operational workflows. It puts you in complete control of every step of your Video On-Demand workflow. Spend less time organising your work, and more time doing your work.
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