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Agama Technologies
PO Box 602
Kungsgatan 28

Linköping 58107

Phone: +4613240330
Fax: +4613240331
Web site: www.agama.tv


Agama Technologies specialises in empowering TV operators’ businesses with video quality assurance and monitoring intelligence. With trusted expertise and industry-leading solutions for assuring each individual viewing experience, Agama provides IP, cable, broadcast and OTT operators with full transparency of the end-to-end video service distribution from creation to consumption.

Agama supports business processes with actionable insights that help to proactively manage service quality and customer satisfaction, whilst lowering OPEX and improving customer retention. Ultimately, this empowers TV businesses with accelerated service growth and profitability, as well as with strengthened customer loyalty.

Product Description

The Agama DTV Monitoring Solution is an industry-leading solution for continuous and real-time monitoring and QA of any end-to-end video delivery chain. It provides full transparency of the service distribution from pixel level in the head-end all the way through to what is experienced by the viewer.

The product line includes powerful head-end and network probes, as well as embedded monitoring for STBs, gateways and media players. Top-level end-to-end views in the central management systems make it possible to follow the QoE and QoS for services all the way from creation in the head-end to consumption for each individual viewer, as well as for groups of viewers. This allows operators to quickly identify, pinpoint, prioritise, resolve and prevent disturbances affecting the customers' experience, satisfaction and loyalty.

Contact us for more information on how our solutions and expertise can support your QA strategies and further empower your TV business.

Online Resources
  • The Business Impact of Quality Assurance
    Videonet, a leading source of strategic insight, analysis and news about post-convergence television, has published the industry report The Business Impact of Quality Assurance - a look at why Quality Assurance deserves to be on the boardroom agenda. It is with great enthusiasm we have supported the Videonet team in their presentation of experiences from the field and analysis of the future requirements on video QA. By contributing to this report, together with operators and other key industry players, we hope to shed light on approaches, experiences and results from QA work. The report covers topics including; • How QA improves the service provider business • Understanding what the customer sees • Towards proactive monitoring and more customer satisfaction • Accepting responsibility for the connected home • Raising OTT quality so people will pay
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