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2018 Streaming Media European Readers' Choice Awards

Welcome to the only Awards programme in our industry that gives end users their say about the online video products and services they find the most valuable.

Make sure your product or service is nominated for Streaming Media’s European Readers' Choice Awards - simply complete and submit this form before 2 July. Streaming Media’s editorial team evaluate all submissions to make sure they fit their categories, and final nominees are announced on 9 July when online voting opens. Voting will remain open until 3 August. The top 3 finalists in each category will be announced on our website in mid-August, and the winners will be announced in the Autumn issue of Streaming Media's European magazine, on StreamingMediaGlobal.com, and published in StreamingMedia Global Xtra newsletter.

Questions? Contact readerschoice@streamingmedia.com.

Analytics Service

Services that offer metrics and data that help content publishers better understand who's watching, when they're watching, what device they're watching on, and where they're watching. (Note that this year we've added a separate category for Quality of Experience/Quality of Service solutions.)

Best Streaming Innovation

The "catch-all" category, for simply the coolest, most innovative streaming product, service, or event of the year from July 2015 to June 2016.

Cloud Video Service

Cloud services for encoding/transcoding, video editing, and other video-related functions

Delivery Network

Edge or peer-to-peer content delivery providers

DRM/Access Control

The solutions that ensure your precious content is protected from piracy and other security threats.

Enterprise Video Solution

When large corporations look to create their own internal YouTube or other company-wide video solution, this is the platform they should look at first.

Media Asset Management

File-based solution for media asset management for IP video

Mobile Video App or Solution

Who's got the best solution for video capture and distribution from a mobile device?

Multiscreen Solution

Over-the-top and "catch-up" solutions for delivering television content online to multiple devices, including set-top boxes, smart TVs, mobile phones, tablets, and more.

Online Video Platform

SaaS platforms that enable customisable publication, syndication, distribution, and monetisation of video 

Quality of Experience/Quality of Service Solution

You need to ensure that your content is getting to your viewers in the highest quality possible, in terms of both the network and the end user experience. These solutions help you gauge and improve QoE, QoS, or both.

Server Hardware/Software

Solutions for delivering audio and video files to listeners and viewers, regardless of delivery protocol

Streaming Services Provider

Provider of end-to-end streaming services, from capture and encoding to delivery and distribution

Transcoding Solution

Hardware, software, or cloud-based solution for encoding and transcoding content

Video Advert Platform

Technologies and services that allow for targeted ad insertion into online video content

Video Player Solution/SDK

When it comes to winning and maintaining viewers. a quality video player is every bit as important as quality content. These are the companies that help content owners make sure they're giving their viewers a great viewing experience.

Webcast Platform

Hardware, software, and SaaS solutions for delivering live web events

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