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Current issue - Spring 2020 - Industry Sourcebook, featuring:
Streaming Media Magazine European Edition - Past Issues
Winter 2019
The 2019 Streaming Media Europe 101
The 2019 Streaming Media Europe Readers' Choice Award Winners
The Cat in the Art Gallery
Netflix Goes to the Other Side of the Mirror With Bandersnatch
Autumn 2019
Time for a Correction?
Hardware-Based Transcoding Solutions Roundup: Testing Performance
HEVC, AV1, VVC: How to Make Sense of 2019's World of Codecs
Achieving Zero Latency for Video and Audio Is a Zero-Sum Game

Spring 2019 - Industry Sourcebook
The State of the Streaming Market 2019
The State of OTT 2019
The State of Mobile Video 2019
The State of Corporate Video 2019
Winter 2018
Can AI Make the Streaming Video Experience Even Better Than TV?
How Australia's Optus Missed the Goal at the World Cup
The 2018 Streaming Media Europe 101
Finding a Video Player That Works for You and Your Budget

Autumn 2018
The 2018 Streaming Media European Readers’ Choice Award Winners
In Defense of Autoplay, an Unloved and Unmourned Feature
OTT Moves Toward Microservices as Speed Becomes an Issue
25 Years of Internet Radio: Part 1
Summer 2018
Next-Generation Content Delivery: The Shift Is Underway
Seed Money: 6 Ways Streaming Video Plays a Role in Farming
Content Licensing Gets Complicated: Who’s Minding the Store?
Help Us Help Others Stream: The Online Video Industry Gives Back

Spring 2018 -- Industry Sourcebook
The State of Media and Entertainment 2018
The State of Corporate Video 2018
The State of Video Advertising 2018
The State of Video and AI 2018
Winter 2017
The 2017 Streaming Media Europe 101
Streaming Forum Gets Smarter, Focuses on AI and Machine Learning
Buzzword Bingo Creates Tomorrow's Most Talked-About Products
Divideon Creates xvc, an HEVC Codec With Reasonable Pricing

Autumn 2017
2017 Streaming Media European Readers’ Choice Awards Winners
Cellular Bonding for Live Event Streaming: The State of The Art
Measure it, Improve it: For Video Publishers, QoE and QoS are Critical
Beyond TCP: Meet the Next Generation of Transport Protocols
Summer 2017
Getting Ready for Video Over 5G: How Should the Industry Prepare?
Killing ‘OTT’: Why the Term 'Over-the-Top' Has Lost its Meaning
Is Apple Giving Up on Live TV and a Skinny Bundle Offering?
Facebook Live: A Progress Report After One Year of Growth

Autumn 2016
An End to the Wild West: It's Time for Streaming Standards!
Build or Buy? When Choosing an OVP, Ask Lots of Questions
What Higher Education Can Learn From Podcasts: How to Go Long
Making the Case for Government-Mandated Online Video Standards
Summer 2016
2016 Brings New Video Opportunities, But Old Video Challenges
Why Apple, Microsoft, or Amazon Will Win the the Living Room
Life After Flash: Will Producers Move to HLS, DASH, or Both?
For the Win! Live Sports Are Driving Streaming Video Innovation

Spring 2016 Industry Sourcebook
Game On: Television Is Going Through Revolutionary Changes
The State of Corporate Streaming 2016
The State of Mobile Video 2016
The State of MPEG-DASH 2016
Winter 2015
Streaming Forum Returns as Part of London Entertainment Week!
Apple Loses Innovation Edge in Video; Now Amazon Takes the Lead
The Coming Disruption: Uncapped Mobile Will Be Unstoppable
What Esports Can Teach Video Creators About Attracting Viewers

Autumn 2015
As YouTube Celebrity Enters the Mainstream, VidCon Grows Up
Authentication Remains a Challenge, and Not Just for Streaming
Educational Videographers Need to Make Time for Creativity
Welcome to the Broadcasting Revolution, Open to All Creators
Summer 2015
Mayweather-Pacquiao Fight Exposes Video Piracy Problems
Skype TX: Could Skype's New Offering Create a News Revolution?
Is it Time Yet for 4K, H.265, and VP9 Adoption? Not So Fast
Where Have All the Streaming Risk-Takers and Innovators Gone?

Spring 2015/Sourcebook
The State of Media and Entertainment Video 2015
The State of Mobile Video 2015
The State of Enterprise Video 2015
Buyer’s Guide to European Video Platforms 2015
Winter 2014
IBC Attendees Move in Unison to the Next Big Thing
Net Neutrality Is Misguided, Because the Internet Doesn't Exist
It's Elementary: Schools Should Teach Basic Video Literacy
Viewability Holds Online Video Ads to Low Standards

Autumn 2014
How to Win the Piracy War: Offer Premium Content at a Fair Price
Don't Just Compress the Video, Compress the Content
How Be Inspired Films Shoots Conferences the TED Way
OTT Delivery: Creating Strategies for Video Streaming
Summer 2014
Comment: Is Fire TV Really Just Home Shopping Network in a Box?
Forget 4K, Think 4D: Time Could Be a New Wrinkle in Online Video
An Image Consultant Gives Fashion Advice to Google Glass
The Codecs That Make UHD Video Possible: HEVC Vs. VP9

Spring 2014
Content Is King With Online Video, But it's Not the Only King
Broadcasters Need to Bring Their A Game to Online Video
The State of Media and Entertainment Video 2014
The State of OTT Services 2014
Winter 2013
The 2013 Streaming Media Europe 101
No Second Chances, Part 2: Best Practices for Live Events
Videoconferencing Grows With Rich Media Preservation
Videoconferencing Meets Streaming -- Finally

Autumn 2013
The 2013 Streaming Media European Readers’ Choice Award Winners
MPEG-DASH: Why it Matters, Where it Goes From Here
No Second Chances: Get Live Events Right the First Time
Shedding Light on UltraViolet Performance
Summer 2013
The Rise of the Second Screen and the Future of Television
Making Sense of Online Video Advertising
The Future of HEVC: It's Coming, but with Plenty of Questions
Streaming Forum Preview: Netflix Aims to "Delight" Customers

Spring 2013 (Sourcebook)
Safety Instructions: Please Read Before Streaming
An Instragram for Video? No Thanks, Says the Industry
The State of the Streaming Industry 2013
The State of Multiscreen Delivery 2013
Winter 2012
The 2012 Streaming Media Europe 101
Reliable UDP (RUDP): The Next Big Streaming Protocol?
MPEG DASH and HEVC: Do Standards Drive Innovation or Stifle It?
How to Create a Video Strategy for Colleges and Universities

Autumn 2012
Online Video Citizen Journalism Finds a Home at Al-Jazeera
The Coming Cyberwar: Could this Be the Future?
All Eyes on London: A Look Ahead to Streaming Media Europe
YouTube's Stars, Fans, and Passions Meet at VidCon
Summer 2012
The 2012 Streaming Media Dream Team
The Disconnected Home: The House of the Future Needs Re-Booting
Streaming to All Devices: Is it Worth the Expense?
Telestream Episode Engine Review: Room for Improvement

Spring 2012 (Sourcebook)
The State of Media and Entertainment 2012
Editor's Note: Big Time
Publisher's Note: Don't Panic!
The State of Enterprise Video 2012
Winter 2011
HLS Was the Topic du Jour at IBC
The Five Commandments of Tablet Computers
Lecture Capture: A Bold Idea to Make Classroom Learning Flexible
Connected Home 2011: It's About People, Not Kit

Autumn 2011
For Google and Apple, Profits Outweigh Ideals Everytime: Commentary
Educators and Students Benefit from Video's Power to Connect
Free Online Video Can Change Lives, Even a World Away
First Screens and Second Screens Vie for Attention
Summer 2011
The 2011 Streaming Media Dream Team
My Kingdom for a Curator!
Video as a Force for Social Change
What if Google Didn't Drop H.264 in Chrome?

Spring 2011 (Sourcebook)
Live Streaming from a Notebook
2011 Streamticker: Online Video Mergers, Acquisitions, and Investments
Case Study: Giant Screen Video at Paris' Parc des Princes
Case Study: An EYE on Dutch Cinema
Winter 2010
Editor's Note: Got to Be Real
Spicy Ideas: TV From the Sky (The Day TV Died)
Class Act: Learning in HD
The 2010 Streaming Media European Readers' Choice Award Winners

Autumn 2010
Editor's Note: It Is What It Is
Industry Perspectives: Solving the Video Content Conundrum
Streams of Thought: WebM Strategies for the Hacking Crowd
Streaming Spotlight: Luxembourg’s Bid for European Data Gateway
Summer 2010
Editor's Note: International Affairs
Case Study: Sony Music Turns to IPTV for Business TV
Case Study: Cutting the Edges at the MTV EMAs
Streaming Spotlight: Going Dutch

Spring 2010 (Sourcebook)
Editor's Note: Right On The Money
Choose Wisely: Selecting An Online Video Platform
Free Enterprise
The Player's the Thing...But So Is The Codec, Format, and Protocol
Winter 2009
Editor's Note: Who Says Print is Dead?
The Envelope Please: The 2009 Streaming Media European Readers' Choice Award Winners
Navigating the Enterprise Video Workflow
Inside Thomson Reuters: Creating a Global Webcasting Platform

Autumn 2009
Editor's Note: Blame It on the Blockbuster
Conference Preview: Streaming Media Europe 2009
Online Video Advertising: What's Wrong With This Picture?
Streaming Gets Smarter: Evaluating the Adaptive Streaming Technologies
Summer 2009
Editor's Note: Bullish on Online Video
The Flash Guru
The 2009 Streaming Media Dream Team
Review: Jet Stream VDO-X

Spring 2009 (Sourcebook)
Editor's Note: No Limits
Publisher's Note: Now's the Time
The Year in Review: Media & Entertainment
The 2009 Streaming Media Editors' Picks
Autumn 2008
Editor's & Publisher's Note: Growing Up
No Turning Back: The State of the European Content Delivery Market
London Calling: Streaming Media Europe Preview
Streams of Thought: H.264 Wins—Now What?