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TVCloud - Pushing Metadata Delivery to the Next Curve

TVCLoud is a metadata management platform available on the cloud (SaaS) delivering fast and cost effective collection, curation, translation and distribution of TV listings to operators around the world.
ATHENS, GREECE(9/16/2017) -

Today the process of TV listings distribution is extremely fragmented.

Multiple editorial operations, and one database import after another, impose manipulation of the same metadata several times.

There is no end-2-end governance or control so maintaining the quality across every step can become an expensive process.

The more manual tasks introduced in this chain, the higher the risk for delays and human errors or omissions.

From the channel’s point of view, there are often inconsistencies between the original description of a program and the way it is finally presented to end-users.

It can take many hours before an update can propagate through the various metadata management platforms so last minute changes, which are inevitable in live sports, become an impossible task.

At TV CONTROL we decided to change everything.

First we had to break the traditional responsibility matrix of metadata distribution, where each party is only responsible for his segment in the chain and the overall accountability of the TV listings shifts from one company to the next.

TVCloud has centralised all the operations to a single platform and re-distributed each task with end-2-end ownership. 

The platform is now orchestrating all the individual tasks and notifies each owner when his input is required. From schedule creation, to program curation and metadata translation, everyone can work in parallel in an efficient, multitenant and asynchronous environment.

As a result, TV operators receive their custom EPG documents as fast as possible and they are only charged for the extra editorial or translation effort they have requested.

For the very first time, TV listings can be delivered around the world with no middle men, no aggregation delays, and better quality in a fraction of the cost.

Wouldn’t be great if:

  • the content owner had a dashboard to view how their product is delivered and displayed across the multiple TV platforms around the world?
  • editors were given a prioritised list of unique programs to work with, free from the overhead of the TV schedule management and operation?
  • TV operators had the full control of the cost of metadata localisation and curation, with flexible and dynamic allocation of the editorial and translation resources?

Metadata and schedules are entered ONCE, curated ONCE, managed centrally and exported ONCE ready for consumption. 

We are inviting:

  • Channels that create original TV listing to easily upload their schedules on a global repository of EPG information.
  • TV operators to receive (with a few clicks) custom EPG feeds in one or more languages for their STBs or any other device.
  • Metadata aggregation companies or individual translators to manage their metadata in the cloud on behalf of their clients.

This is TVCloud and we are inviting you to disrupt this market together.

Visit us at IBC (hall 14 booth H02) or tvcloud.io

Editorial Contact:
Alex Chelmis