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New online video hosting site vidmeup.com is described as 'Build Your Own YouTube'

vidmeup.com makes building branded videosites a simple exciting experience and its start level is free. Businesses can easily incorporate video on websites without third party branded embed codes or competing advertisements on their videos and pages.
Jersey(9/22/2011) -

Before vidmeup.com even had the chance to officially launch their Beta phase, word got out. Videographers, web developers, businesses, schools, all types of organizations and individuals have been flocking to vidmeup.com to create their own videosites, which are customizable and free from the advertising, competing videos, and clutter of traditional video hosting sites. Thousands of new videosites have been created in just a few weeks.

"We're delighted and gratified by the enthusiastic response we've encountered already," Dave Holland, CEO of vidmeup said. "This confirms what we've known all along: people are looking for a way to host their own, affordable, custom branded videosites, whether it's for themselves or for their clients. They want to be able to upload videos quickly and easily, they don't want advertisements running on top of their videos, and they don't want their video running next to the latest viral cat video. Although we love cats."

Holland, a web consultant and entrepreneur, whose clients have included Toyota, Kodak, Mars, Accor Hotels, 24/7 Real Media and AOL, has been working on the vidmeup concept with a team of developers for several years.

The project started as a response to clients who had begged him for a better online video solution than was currently available; they wanted to easily incorporate video on their websites without using third party branded embed codes or being forced to run other competing advertisements on their video, and do it at an affordable price.

"vidmeup.com was born out of the needs of our clients who were businesses and organizations that wanted a video 'element' to their websites beyond using Youtube embed codes or channels," Holland explained. "What they said they wanted, we have given the name 'videosite'; a website that gives the user access to their own CMS (Content Management System) for videos.
The vidmeup member can fully control the look, design, and branding of the videosite to look identical to their website - and in many cases take the place of their regular website. This is not a video channel on someone else's video platform - but their very own branded video platform, even available without the vidmeup brand or domain name.
To the outside world it looks as though they've spent a lot of money getting a custom 'videosite' built, but its only costing them from $14.95 a month! They can even have members uploading videos to their site or monetize their content by charging for video viewing. All this functionality is ready to go in the platform."

vidmeup has been designed to be used by businesses of all sizes, as well as film makers, web developers, providers of webinars, online marketers, education services, clubs and individual users. There is no cost barrier to entry as the basic package is free.

"We worked for three years researching and building prototype videosites for ourselves and real clients, and from this discovered how to make an instant 'turn-key' brandable solution - which is vidmeup," Holland said. "We used real clients to act as our focus group, and provided real solutions for their businesses. vidmeup is not just a good idea; it's based on the requirements of businesses wanting to be successful with video content in their marketing."

Among other features, vidmeup allows users to:

* Use their own domain name, e.g. www.mybusinessname.tv
*Allows users to fully customize their videosites to look exactly how they want it to fit their brands without being constrained by a limited template
* Is quick and easy to create within minutes, with minimal web skills, no developer skills required
* Users can allow other people to upload videos to their videosites - i.e. member videos
* Gives users a back end (CMS) management system to control videos; allows them to publish, unpublish, approve member videos, and sort: most popular videos, recent videos, playlists
* Host and stream HD videos at high speed with support for html5 , delivering to most mobile devices and browsers.
* Use an unbranded player to view the videos - including when they are embedded elsewhere
* Unlimited upload time limit for long playing video sizes
* Users can edit video thumbnails and page content 'On the Fly'
* It comes with fully customizable themes to choose from if they need them
* Or allows designers to upload their own custom site themes and share them with others
* Allows users to sign up with Twitter and Facebook login and share playable videos directly on their Facebook account
* Allows users to remove all trace of vidmeup's logo or branding
* Allow members to add comments to videos
* Users can send a newsletter to their members
* Users can charge viewers to watch videos or pay to subscribe - with a Paypal or a Merchant account already integrated into the platform.

Go here to view some of featured videosites built using vidmeup: http://www.vidmeup.com/featured

A vidmeup user explains how easy it is to build your own videosite in this brief video tutorial: http://www.vidmeup.com/howto.php


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